Monday, December 11, 2006

Onegai Twins!

The latest anime I finished watching.

I was bored and wanted to watch something online. I didn't want to watch something incomplete, so I thought the synopsis for Onegai Twins, or Please Twins sounded quite interesting. A photo with a boy and a girl, twins, playing in an inflatable in a house by a lake. The problem arose when three people show up at that house carrying the same photo claiming to be one of the twins in the picture. More problems came up when the two girls find themselves falling for the boy and the boy himself falling in love with both of the girls, creating an incestrous problem.

It's 12 episodes long with an OVA special, so it's 13 episodes altogether. Unlike how I usually watch anime, which I would watch everything in one sitting, I broke this anime into a couple of sittings to watch. I don't find the story particularly engaging, rather, it was slow and indulgent.

One thing I hate about people is indecisiveness. The boy in the story, Maiku, is one such guy. Okay, he's not really indecisive, but he was clearly torn between the two girls. I cannot stand these sort of plots with these sort of guys. I call it it 张无忌 Zhang Wuji syndrome.

The two girls each have their distinct characteristics. Between Miina and Karen, I should say, I prefer Karen. ***spoilers*** Maybe it's also partly because Karen turned out to be Maiku's sister that disappointed me. I'd rather have a situation in which neither is his sister, and at least he can have an orgy with both, instead of having to end up with one particular person, and even if he did end up with one particular person, I hadn't wanted her to be Miina. Okay, Miina has a good points, but somehow, I just prefer Karen. ***spoilers end***

Because Onegai Twins is a spinoff from Onegai Teacher!, the supporting characters have a history and they are funny. Their comedic appearances help alleviate the over-indulgence of this anime. And it also includes some yaoi and yuri elements which might not rub well with some people. I was a bit tired of the yuri-ness in some parts, like having Miina and Karen to bathe together. It's a bit overbearing to see them bathe together every night.

But in all, this 13 episode anime can be concluded simply into one 6-minute long mini music movie. I had this feeling after like the second episode, and after watching the whole series, that song from that music video kept running through in my head. Let's welcome Fish Leong's 宁夏 Ning Xia~

It was just like what happened in the anime, especially that the whole events from the anime occurred during summer.

I think there should be more interesting things to watch online. Anybody has any fun anime to recommend me to watch? If not I shall wait a couple of hours for the next episode and the final leg of The Amazing Race 10 to be released. I'm rooting for Tyler and James, and under no circumstances do I want to see the Bamas winning, no no NO. But then again, from all my years of watching reality TV, only once did my favourite player won the million dollars, only Tom from Palau managed win, the rest all flopped, but still cross my fingers anyway~

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