Friday, December 01, 2006

PMS Alert: Amber

I'm feeling so sucky today that I can't get any studying done. My head hurts too. And when I went to lie down a bit, I started tearing. When I got back to my MSN, well, just say that I've managed to screw myself over and over again. It's not mindfucking, it's just me getting all fucked up over nothing. And best, I've a paper tomorrow.

It's hard being the exams time. I went for my first paper to crap. I successfully spotted questions for the second exam. Maybe the next two papers are going to do me in. Someone said Farrell like to stun people in exams. I think I've managed to out-stun him. I went through only two past year papers, only ran through ideas for questions that I could do, and went for the paper. And of the four questions, two are those I went through the night before, and I only needed to do two questions.

I sort of dread the exams coming to an end, since it means that I need to get some stuff settled, cannot procrastinate any longer. My holidays will come to an end following the end of the exams. What an oxymoronic statement this is. I actually spend more time relaxing during the reading week/exam period than during my holidays.

I need to:
1. Clear my SEP stuff. Procrastinated too long already.
2. Choose modules for next semester. I don't know what to do. sigh...
3. Decide if I want to do honours. Make sure I know all the requirements for graduation.

Just thinking of all those administrative personnel I need to go through makes me want to puke. If there's someone I hate more in school than the IT personnel, that would be the admin personnel. I really can't understand why the school pay them so much to be so inefficient. Bloody hell. Those assholes are paid a lot higher than market price lor, and they are so damn inefficient. NUS is like a bloody charity organisation like that, and they're fucking hell spending our money, while increasing school fees.

Close friend of me would know I hold in utter contempt for the people engaged by NUS. Not that I'm discriminating people with disabilities. I think it's good for someone to employ the disabled, but the disabled should be just as efficient as a normal person if not then there's just no point to waste our money. NUS should match properly the person to jobscope for the disabled. I personally know of a disabled who got employed by NUS, so I'm not discriminating against them, just the school administrative system who doesn't know how to make the most out of the situation.

There there's the problem of my modules next semester. Anyone has any idea how many level 3000 modules I need to graduate for a three year course and how many needed for a four year course? And if I can use my 4000 modules for the 3000 requirement? I also need to know how many 4000 modules I need for a four year course, and what if my department doesn't have enough 4000 modules for me to complete then how? I'm quite screwed now.

The module preference exercise is just coming up. Other than German 6, I've no idea what I am going to do. I can only choose two out of these three, the Imperialism module, EU and ASEAN, Cold War in Europe.

I always thought I'd be wanting to do the Farrell module, but honestly, I'm sick of the History department. yea... I'm starting to feel sick of Farrell already, I'm like suffering from an overdose. Four straight semesters of Farrell since I stepped in NUS is definitely overkill. Can I make it a number five? *shudders* But in a way, I do need to that Imperialism module because it's a prerequisite for a 4000 module that I'll need to take if it's being offered. I don't have that many choices, so argh... dunno what to do la. Then I don't know if I should do the Cold War one or the EU and ASEAN one. I did preview lessons for all three modules before, and honestly, I think that the Cold War and the EU and ASEAN ones are not that bad. The Cold War one was quite interesting, and after being in Berlin and seeing the Cold War divide, I'd like to do it, but then, as I've said, I'm sick of the History department. EU and ASEAN is a PS module, and there's just too much readings that I have to read, I can't slack off for it.

Assuming that I need to do the Imperialisms one, I don't know if I've enough 3000 mods to go around if I can't use my 4000 ones as 3000 requirements. But should be can right? Then assuming that I have enough 3000 modules, ans assuming that I have to do the Imperialisms one for the prerequisite, then I only have to choose between Cold War and EU and ASEAN. And that's quite a headache. I'd like to do more PS modules, but PS really too shiong already. Just the readings is enough to kill me, and it's not a module which I crap and can pass. Actually, of all the History professors, I think Murfett is not bad, at least he's a married Catholic so I don't think I'd be thinking about his sex life during class. bah~ Why must I hear all those rumours? Now I can't look at a person without thinking about something else. It feels like meeting Tammy in person after seeing her video. argh...

And I need to think of two science modules to do. sucks... I need to think of crap modules which I can pass without studying. Any recommendations?

I've been watching Survivor 13 and Amazing Race 10 lately. They're all up on youtube. It's so wonderful to be updated together with the Americans and not rely on that fucking thing call Mediacorp channel 5. They're like 5 episodes slow for Survivor and they're not even fucking airing Amazing Race.

Amazing Race was pretty surprising this season, the thing that struck me first was the range of minority races. In Survivor, there were like four different racial groups, so that makes it like 15/20 people from minority races this season compared to like the token 2 people in past seasons. In Amazing Race, there is like a Muslim team, an East Asian team, a Black team, and an Indian team. There might even be a Hispanic team just that I can't recognise. Anyway, I think in both Amazing Race and Survivor, the racial experiment does say something about the races.

Let's talk a bit more about Survivor. I can't believe that some people can actually be so dumb and so mean. It's just so gross to see them behaving like that. On a more fun side, there are rumours that Brad and JP are dating. wahaha~ I said before Brad is damn shuai right? JP is also quite shuai. And they are dating! It's better than watching Gravitation come to live. I was watching more confessionals from Brad, I really like the way he talks and thinks, he's like so smooth and so cool. Oh man~ As what people say, all good men are either married or gay, it's so true sia... hai~ *in love with Brad* I think I'm now more in love with Brad than Yul. lol~

On to a bit of Amazing Race, maybe after the exams I'll do a whole piece about it. The blond team this season seems to be really strong. I hate the Bamas, they are fricking hypocrites and they bitch like hell. The Models remind me so badly of Eric and Jeremy, and I'm still not over the fact that Eric and Jeremy lost out to the Hippies, the only consolation is that the four of them seems to be good friends out of the race.

I have a big question, how come the gay team in Amazing Race always look more like sissies ah? The gay team this season, and the last, and the season before are all big sissy prissies. It's just so annoying to watch. Compared to Brad and JP, urgh... I WANT TO PUKE!!! Just hearing how smooth Brad talks, and how whiny the gay teams in Amazing Race were, just makes me feel so grossed out.

There's also that prissy girl with boyfriend team that always appear to stereotype American women. Quote of the season: "I can't wait to go to Europe. I want to be with the rich people." Hollers man.

Okay, after blogging a bit I'm feeling so much at ease with myself. Hoping episode 11 of Surivivor is up on youtube~


chillycraps said...

your overdose is it related to the "sexual" rumour?

xxoos said...

overdose of history, yes.
overdose of farrell, no.

maybe i just pms-ing ba...