Saturday, December 30, 2006

Year in Review 2006

This looks pretty interesting, and it gets me to go look back all my past blog entries for the year~ Yes, another meme ahead.

Write down the first sentence of the first entry in the past twelve months:

I had a chat with a very good friend of mine, let her remain anonymous. She wanted to apply for SEP so she asked me for some tips. I finished watching 40 episodes of 天龙八部 this Chinese New Year. If I were Roman Abramovich, I wouldn't buy over Chelsea Football Club. Remember I said in some previous entry that I'd be watching Stalingrad this weekend? I just got back from Straßburg or as the French spell it, Strasbourg. 24 Weird Facts About Me. I first read something about it on someone's blog, but that person never stated much, not even what happened, just that something happened. Hello, I'm on my housemate's computer. It's quite misleading to title this as Wubai's concert since there were extras like Zhang Zhenyue and MC Hotdog, but anyway, I was there for one sole purpose, WUBAI. The groom is the son of my grandfather's tenant. After a long tiring day, she slumped down into her seat on the public bus for a one and a half hour journey back home during the peak hour. I'm feeling so sucky today that I can't get any studying done.

12 sentences there~

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