Sunday, January 28, 2007

Lost In Campus

Okay, this is yet another Joan was lost kinda blog entry, it's getting kinda dull I know, since that's the only interesting thing that can happen to me in school, and I've censored quite a bit of my out of school life, and I'm too tired to type out the next entry so that will have to wait, and I'll relate this "filler" episode tonight.

The story goes back to last Friday when I was yet again lost in Science, lost within the department of Material Science and unable to find my way back to the bridge leading to S7 so that I can make my way to S13 and S12 and get to the bus stop sheltered from the rain. Well, me and the friends didn't manage to find that bridge even though we took that to LT32 to have our lessons.

But getting lost in campus is not something unique to me this semester, at least, not unique to me getting lost in Science. I was reading this blog this morning, and I found this post vaguely familiar. Something about the content tugged me somewhere inside myself, but I couldn't place my thoughts. Then I read the next post and the relating comments and I realised that there was this hazy piece of memory inside me.

Before I started taking cross faculty modules in my third year first semester, before me ever stepping foot (and getting lost) in Science, I was once lost in Engin. Surprise surprise! Me having nothing to do with Engin, not doing any modules there, not knowing anybody there (okay, this is a lie...), why would I get lost there? Okay, maybe that's precisely why I got lost there.

The reason was that, remember eons ago, when the old Univeristy Hall was still in EA? yea... I needed to get my SEP stuff settled there, hence the trip over.

I remember the first trip over was by ISB B, so it stopped right there and everything was fine, but the second trip was a big fiasco. Stupid me was at the Central Library, so I thought walking over would be easy, hence I called up my dear friend from ME (dunno you still remember anot) to ask for directions over (actually he was the second person I called, the first friend I called didn't pick up the phone). With the vague directions, I headed out for Engin. My first time in uncharted grounds. It wasn't long before I got lost.

Yea... I called back my friend twice and asked for directions half a dozen times. One phone call with my friend was so bad that he had to describe to me the route as I walked as described. By the time I reached LT7a I was half dead.

eh wait... Those weren't the only two times I was in Engin, those weren't ven the first two times I was in Engin (other than McDonald's la...). ah... I remember, the first time when I was in Engin (as in Engin, except McDonald's) was during a Chinese Drama camp. We slept over at the area outside LT7a.

Then after that I liked that place so much that I kept returning there on lonely nights when I needed to get work done, but that's another story.

That story was when I was staying in Kuok Foundation Hall. If you don't know, KFH is very near to LT7a. I used to go over to the ATM at EA to draw money so that I can order pizza because I always seem to not have enough cash with me, and I'm too lazy to buy food. Funny how it seems like I'm not too lazy to go and draw money. Wait, how come I didn't buy the food at LT7a ah? Ah... Last time I used to like the food sold at that cafe outside LT7a, especially their hot dogs. hmm... Forgot all about it, haven't been there for a very long time, wonder if it's still there...

Oh no, I've been going on and on about stuff that suddenly burst into my hazy memory that I've lost track of what I was at just now. Okay, LT7a... I used to go over there on warm nights for the air con and quietness to do work. My hostel room was too warm and stuffy and too noisy. erm... Actually the noise is from my television which I keep on whenever I'm in the room, it sorts of recreates a kind of "renqi" to the room to accompany me. I used to carry my books and a little pillow to cushion my butt and go over to LT7a there to study. There were always people there mugging. ahh... Kinda miss those days when I was young and hardworking.

Anyway, I was wondering how come this memory of me losing my way in Engin is so hazy. One possible reason was that I see my school life as past and present, the past was before exchange and they are not kept in my active memory, only the school life after my exchange is in my active memory.

Then hor, I suddenly thought. I think hor, it's probably that my getting lost in Science is always so traumatising that my getting lost in Engin just pales in comparison. hehehe... When I was lost in Engin I still had my friends to call, I now don't know who to call when I get lost in Science. And that, very importantly, when I was lost in Engin there were people around me whom I can ask for directions. I don't know why is it that I always get lost in deserted areas in Science, there was nobody there for me to ask for directions.

I must go back down to LT7a one day and see if I can think about more things that happened to me there before. lol~ And go back there to see if the cafe is still there. But of course, if I'm going back there again, I will only go there by ISB.

Hey! Suddenly thinking about getting lost, I remembered a long time ago during O Week. Me and an OG mate got lost looking for PGP.

Somethings never change.


AikBoi said...

lol.. Just a little note.. The bridge which u wanted to look for is pretty hidden and complex to find.. But Science is a weird place maybe it's due to the fact that it's built on a hill. I took a longer time to understand the layout as compared to Arts. Oh, just a note.. I'm a transfer student from Science to Arts after studying one year in Science. So I would say I'm pretty familiar with the nooks and crannies of the Science faculty.

As for engin.. An advice I heard from a senior. Follow the yellow ceiling roads, you will never get lost or wet.. Actually this applies to Arts too.

Have fun trying out these.. If you wanna take the risk again..

AikBoi said...

oh.. sorry for the nick.. It's aik hui here..

xxoos said...

that day when we were lost in science our group included a year two life science student, and we still got lost. diaoz...

yea... i know about the yellow roofs too. they work well as far as getting to major places, but for short cuts and special routes through certain corridors, it doesn't work. i got lost enough to say this. hehehe... or maybe the problem lies with me rather... lol~

i don't think i'll ever go back engin again. lol~ i don't even remember that last time i was there lor. it was so long ago liao le.