Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Semester Ahead

It's very stressful to hear people repeatedly asking if this semester is going to be my last semester because I really don't know the answer and I'd appreciate it if people don't intrude into my life. So what if it is, so what if it isn't, it's not like whether I do honours it'd affect you. It's not even close friends who are asking me about it, it's irritating buggers. As of me typing this blog, I haven't converted my credits for my exchange programme two semesters ago, so as of now, I do not have enough credits to graduate. Happy with this answer?

It took more than the duration of the entire winter holidays (is there even winter in Singapore) for someone from my department to reply me the email I had regarding graduating with a European Studies degree. It's like about five weeks for a reply. This is the level of efficiency of NUS, thank you very much.

I think if I am going to work hard in the coming semester, then I will be doing another year of studies since I have already two level 4000 modules in my cache after I complete this semester. Either way, or I might want to extend a semester to work on my CAP and forgo the credits I've earned during my exchange. I know if I put in just a bit more time and effort the improvement of my results can be tremendous, but.

CORS this semester was again one big headache. A module I wanted to do was so hot that I didn't have enough bid points for it. In the end, also the thought os perhaps doing the next semester made me give up doing that hot module and settle for something less hot and much cheaper, but also fits well into my three day week. Compromising the three day week is starting at 10am each day, although I also end early on two of the days, so I guess my timetable is pretty slack.

Take a look at the modules I'll be doing this semester

There's a good mix of level 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 modules~

I'm a bit apprehensive with the start of the new term because I know that I need to get my credits converted and I still have one schein I haven't received from my prof in Germany and I need to remind him about it and after so many so many months, it feels very awkward to bring this matter up.

To talk a bit about the modules I'll be taking.

Forensic Science.

After paying so much in bid points for this modules, I hope what I paid will be worthwhile. I've been watching quite a few detective animes recently and I hope what I've learnt from those anime will be put to use, maybe I'll also start watching CSI or something. This is also the only module I'm doing with someone this semester. Correction: The only module other than my German module. It's sad always to bid for module and know that you don't know anyone doing the same modules as you, but I guess it's inevitable because none of my friends really share the same interest in modules with me. Even those friends I made in classes, and those whom I usually see in classes, because I'm re-doing the two EU modules, the people whom I know have already taken them last year.

Wei, you know who you are, you better let me sit beside you during this class hor.

My friends who took this module last semester all said this is an interesting module, even that friend who skipped more than half the lectures said it was interesting. I don't know if I should exercise my S/U option on it because I need to pull up my CAP so with a bit of studying, maybe I can use this to pull up my CAP. I guess I still have a couple of lectures to decide if I want to S/U it.

Einstein's Universe and Quantum Weirdness.

This was actually a backup plan because I wasn't able to get another module, but I don't regret it because this was actually one of the modules I had considered last semester but couldn't make it because of timetable clashes. My biggest gribe about this module is the two 10am lectures. With the compulsory German tutorial every week, I now have all three of my workdays starting at 10am. I hope I won't be skipping them like what I did for my 10am class last semester.

It might seem quite weird for Joan to want to even consider this module, but I think Quantum theory is something very interesting after Andrew showed me a video about it. After that video, I talked to the Daddie about it and last semester I wanted to do the module. A bit geared up for the first lecture.

But to be on the safe side, I will be S/Uing this module. It is after all a physics module. My O level physics was although an A2, I struggled through with nothing higher than a C6 in my Secondary three and four years.

Empires, Colonies and Imperialism.

This is a module I did half last year, and I thought I can slack through it but after checking the syllabus, I realised that one whole portion of stuff has been changed to suit the lecturer doing this module. I guess I now can't slack as much as I want to.

Sometime after I got this module, I received an email from Prof Farrell. I was quite touched that I finally revealled a couple of trade secrets to him, which I think disappointed him, but I had to confess to him because the burden which I have been carrying for so long has been making me feel so guilty that I hadn't wanted to continue with another Farrell module. I might appear to be a conscientious student, but I'm really one of the slackest students. Everytime he says my essay is improving, I feel guiltier because with each passing essay, I put in lesser time and effort on it up till the point last semester where my essay last semester was done within like two hours. The research was so substandard and last minute that, oh, it was just so bad that I don't know how to describe it. The project was so bad too because my group was a group of slackers too. But it wasn't the worst project I've done, the Total War project was really bad.

I don't know who is more disappointed with me, him or myself. I can't promise myself that I will work hard for this semester to make it up because I know I'm a lazy pig. I have to put in my place the theory of my working style, the opportunity cost theory, take work and rest to be in contrast with each other, I need to balance out the amount of work and rest that is the most is gained out of the least.

This is also the final semester determining my future.

Cold War in Europe.

This is another module I've done half of it and will be continuing this semester, but the difference is that while last semester I learnt of stuff, this semester I still have the knowledge of that and after being in Berlin at the line Cold War I now know more stuff. Going to Berlin was one eye opening experience which I think can't be learnt in class.

But also because this is from last year, those I know have already done it and I'll be doing this module all by myself, not that it's something new for me, but well... I'm actually quite a bit excited for the lecture. Wonder if Prof Murfett will remember me anot, I sort of literally disappeared from classes after my leave of absence went through.

German 6.

I can proudly say I know everyone in this class. After five straight semesters of German, I guess it's time to already know everybody. From those freshies I met last semester, to the old old senior who I don't know why is he still in school, must ask him when I see him in class ba.

Quite a number of the German students have left or are leaving on their exchange programmes, I think I'll miss them, but I guess I'll also will be seeing them in the first couple of weeks as guest students before they fly. hmm... That will make quite a lot of guest students.

Oh well... I guess it's back to work now for me. Can't watch that much anime and can't read that much manga and can't play too much Sudoku and can't sleep too late and can't stay at home as much as I want. I can't be the hermit as much as I had done during the holidays. I also will have to start bathing regularly, and have to wash my clothes if not got nothing to wear. ahh...


Poo said...

Forensic science sounds interesting. Never watched CSI, but big mystery buff anyway. But I hear real life forensics can be a painstaking and dull process. Not so much drama.

Jasmine said...

friend who 'skipped more than half the forensic sci lectures'? hehe you can ask dai if it was easy to score, because she didnt s/u it while i did. but its not very difficult and most of it is interesting save for the boring bits on DNA and genetics! how're you girl?

xxoos said...

poo: hahaha... let me take the mod and then see how it is ba...

jas: hehehe... yup, friend~ i'm fine, school started lor. catch you on msn one day ba~