Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I've decided to rename all my labels and give them more appropriate and understandable names. I don't know how to mass change the labels, so I'll be doing to tedious way out by manually editing every single post, which was also what I did when I added all the labels to all my posts some time back. Yes, I know I've too much time on my hands, so I need to think of ways to occupy my time mah...

Those who are on feed, erm... I guess you'll be spammed. hehehe~
I'm sorry~

I've currently also doing up a new header. Actually it's almost completely done but stupid me forgot to include Chelsea and Werder Bremen into it, so I'm either redoing it or maybe make more changes to it. The unveiling of the new header will be postponed until I'm free, I guess. But this is the most accomplished example of gif animation I've ever done leh... I've shown previews to some of my friends, and am in the process of getting more feedbacks. MSN me if you have a lot of free time on your hands ba, then can help me think of what I can do to improve.


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xxoos said...

wah lau! a spammer managed to crack the word verification. omg... an indian spammer somemore, wah... now we know, indian bots are working at a faster rate than viagra bots.