Saturday, May 26, 2007

With the Girls

Because of the severe lack of posts this month with my hard disk crashing and my away from the computer because of family reasons, shall post a couple of pictures to lighten the atmosphere and try cheer myself up. Not much words ahead though.

These are a couple of days ago after my comp crashed but before I got it fixed. I met up with the girls over lunch. I always have this mixed feelings meeting up with the girls because I don't like the feeling of going out in big groups and there's a certain difference I feel when with the girls, well, not all of them, but certainly some of them. The difference isn't always a negative one, but well, it does make me feel somewhat unsettled. Or maybe I just prefer going out with individual friends like I mostly do.

Jasmine, Shuhui and Eunice are missing, Jasmine is on her SEP now and she's really having lots of fun. Makes me miss my own SEP experience a lot.

Zihui and Rozie are graduating and will be/are embarking on the working life. For the rest of us, it isn't that much longer for us to join them. hai... Time flies by so quickly, once we were young and cute and more worried about what to eat for our next meal, what movie to watch during our next free time, and making sure that there's always one person having a break so that she can stay in the library to chope our favourite table for us and also to look after our bags.

Surprisingly, okay, maybe not so, none of us brought cameras, so we only took pictures with the handphone cameras. But we still tried to squeeze in our trademark "all heads in" shot over the lunch table.

Zihui and Joan.

I think other than my family members, Zihui is the friend I have quarrelled with most frequently. We're so different, having so polarised thoughts about different matters but I still respect her so much as a friend. I can slight other friends, but I just can't seem to fault her and after that we'd try and see through the differences and make up again.

Just read from her blog that she's picking up a job which pays $1600 before CPF deduction. erm... hai... It really sound quite bad, but well, I still wish her all the best in her career.

Okay, I'm getting tired, but can't resist putting up this pouty face of mine. Haven't camwhored in quite a long time, so this is it. I haven't even make up-ed in a long time that my mum thought that my make up that day was too thick. haha~ And also, I wore earrings! haha~ I so seldom wear earrings that I thought it's something worth mentioning. And the earrings were a present from the girls somemore. Ah, so coincidental that was the earrings I wore to meet them. haha~

Friends for as long as we all make the effort to remain as friends.
Remember the 8th of August date next year, though I don't know if I'd be able to make it, but as long as I'm in Singapore, I'll definitely make it~


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