Wednesday, July 18, 2007


The Obligatory Union Camp 07 Post

As I was away for the whole week last week, this that follows is evidence of myself being away from the computer and away from the internet and away from other distractions. For that whole week, okay, six days, I was with this bunch of people having fun and making new friends. It's not just among the councillors, but also the freshies, and the other groups' councillors. It's been great fun.

union camp 07
Group Pictures.

Truth be said, I'm nowhere near a very good councillor nor a good senior to the freshies since I take great delight in kajiao-ing them a lot and I'm not really the kind who can talk to everyone and make friends with everyone. I bitch a lot and whine a lot and complain way way too much, in short, I'm just not a good person to be around with. Not just that, sometimes I talk before processing and often find myself biting my lips for something I said wrongly or shouldn't have said.

I'm still learning to be a better me, with each very little very small steps, I'm learning and growing and bettering myself each day.

paikia girls
The girls.

The girls are a cool bunch of people, more of those kind slowly warm up to. Since six days is a rather short period of time, I hope that with time, the bond can slowly continue to grow. The pretties and the lovelies, and the paikia eh chio chio eh zar bor kias.

paikia guys
The guys.

The guys are a really interesting bunch of people, almost like wolves, they stay in packs, they bond, they develop some form of brotherhood relationship among themselves. Comparing to the other guys in the other OGs, our group seems to have the better guys of the camp. haha~ And the most memorable out of all these people, the inside jokes shared among the female councillors... hahaha~

Lao Da!!!

All the wait I had to join Union Camp as a councillor finally did not come to a naught. I'm really glad that I could share my last chance with this group of Paikias, at least now I can graduate with no regrets. Union Camp/Arts Camp as a freshie, summer 2004. Immersion, summer 2005. Exchange Programme, summer 2006. Union Camp as a councillor, summer 2007. Summer 2008 will see Joan walking towards the next stage of her life.

Ciao, my fabulous summer vacation, the last one I can have as a student~

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