Monday, July 23, 2007

Why I Hate Haircuts

I went for a haircut over the weekend, on Friday actually. I hadn't wanted to cut my hair, but my mother wanted to go for a haircut and hairdye, and that I was at home doing nothing, she called me along for the haircut, which also meant that she was paying for me. There wasn't a reason for me to say no, especially since the tips of my hair were fried and dried and horribly spilt, I needed a trim, and so I agreed to go with the mother.

This trip down to Jean Yip reminded me why I absolutely hate haircuts. And it also reminded me why my last trip to the hairdressers was a pleasant one. You see, I've a haircut like every year, most of the time I go to where my mother goes, which is Jean Yip, sort of like the trip I went two years ago, alone. I had just returned from my immersion trip and my hair was very dry. The moment I stepped into Jean Yip, I was bombarded my treatment packages and other sales talk. I hate it! Two years ago, I succumbed into those sales talk and ended up about $200 poorer because of a treatment package which honestly didn't make my hair any softer than it is touted to be.

Last year on the back of my return from my exchange programme, I had yet another haircut which was surprisingly pleasant. That time it wasn't a planned trip to the hairdressers, I was loitering at Marina Square after school, missing Germany and everything when I spotted a saloon offering haircuts at a flat rate. It was a no-frills saloon, but not the $10 a haircut kind, it was $22+ but it was a flat rate, and it was hair cut only. I just needed to specify the hairstyle I wanted and voila, done. No sales talk, no additional payment, no washing of hair. And the best part, the length my my hair was just right.

I hate going to regular saloons like Jean Yip also because I never seemed to be satisfied with my hair length after cutting. My hair is always cut way too short for my liking. And worse, it's not possible to regrow overcut hair unlike the possibility of recutting undercut hair.

So there, after my Friday's trip to Jean Yip, my horribly short hair.

I wanted brastrap length hair, meaning hair falling to just under the bra strap, that woman went to cut my hair to just over the bra strap, so my hair is like one whole inch shorter than desired. Damnit.

Not just that, I was subjected to those sales talk recommended treatments and stuff. And although I resisted the talks for treatment, I succumbed and bought a bottle of oil for the hair, supposedly to prevent split ends and to make the hair shiny. bah~

My mother was not much better as she succumbed into doing a hair treatment, but it isn't too bad for her since she dyed her hair and she doesn't condition her hair regularly, so okay la, still acceptable for her to do hair treatment. For me, I condition my hair and do leave in conditioning, and that I had done treatment before and I know it doesn't work, and I don't dye or perm my hair, so hence therefore.

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