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Survivor: China

Survivor 15: China

I'm quite a big Survivor fan, and as long time friends of mine would realise, I have been blogging about quite a few of the past Survivors, so well, with the latest season of Survivor, and from what I'm seeing, it's a pretty good one, I've decided to blog about it early. haha~

I like the concept of Survivor in China, it's quite a change of the coconut treed places, a different kind of fishing concept, and the Art of War playing a little role in the survival skills of the survivors out there. Okay, I'll start the story rolling... 16 survivors going to China, going to a Buddhist temple for a ceremony, and you get first impressions of some of them.

There's the bitch. She gave obnoxious faces throughout the ceremony.
There's the crazy Christian. She didn't even go through the whole ceremony.
There's the bimbo. "But I'm not wearing a bra!"

Yup, these survivors are sent of to their camps without their bags. To think that they climbed a hell lot of stairs with their belongings just to realise that they dont need any of their belongings at all. No clothes, no bags, no shoes except those they had one, nothing at all. (But we know that's bullshit, cos of the pixelation crew. And later in the game some "I'm not wearing a bra" people got to wear proper bikinis.)

Introducing the Survivors...
survivor china survivors

He's the leader of the Feilong tribe. Not a bad guy, quite good looking, but nothing much else to not about him. But he became a victim of the reality show's horrible twists and turns. He was well positioned in his tribe, and wham, there came the swapping of tribe members and he had to go over to the other tribe which threw a challenge just to eliminate him. So much for leaders.
Lesson Number 1: Do not be a leader.

He game plan is probably to stay in an alliance and ride on coattails to the end of the game. If one wants to do that, one has to stay with a strong partner, and be loyal. I think she'll probably go far. ***spoilers*** I read in the spoiler boards that she'll end up in the top three. ***spoilers end here***
Lesson Number 2: Stay UTR.

She has damn big boobs man. Ya, that's my first impression of her, big boobs on a skinny frame. Her bio stats stated that she's a pro wrestler, but on the first day she fell ill, then on the challeges, a physical challenge, she couldn't do much except watch her tribe lose. I am quite sad that I didn't get to see much action from her, and yes, she got eliminated.
Lesson Number 3: Do not fall sick.

His bio stats read out "REDNECK!!!" and yes, he did turn out to be a redneck. And yes, he was the first to be eliminated and I'm not surprised.
Lesson Number 4: People don't like old people, and rednecks.

She's damn skinny. You know how TV makes a person look 30% bigger, and all the normal looking people in TV are all damn skinny in real life. Courtney is damn skinny on TV, I really wonder how much skinnier she is in real life. Jeff calls her the smallest person ever to be on Survivor. *shakes head* She's totally useless in challenges, and her tribe is always thinking how not to play her. It's quite sad. But she's one feisty person, the bitch, I mentioned earlier. She makes great TV though, and I'm not hating her. haha~ I actually enjoy watching her bitch. ***spoilers*** She's spoiled to be one of the three people remaining, I heard. ***spoilers end here***
Lesson Number 5: Always remember that there's an audience for reality TV programmes.

He's the leader of the Zhanhu tribe, and a failed leader. He's also a bit crazy crazy and went around ranting at everybody and acting like an obnoxious little kid when he's much older than the rest of the tribe. And he called himself a former model, when he's got this huge paunch. Ya, and he got booted out because everyone didn't like him. lol~
Lesson Number 6: Don't be too loud, don't make enemies.

She's another under the radar person. She does all that is needed for her to do, but doesn't really shine in anything. I also don't know what to say about her.
Lesson Number 7: Don't be an invisible player.

I didn't hear about him until the last episode, when he shared a romantic moment with another Survivor. Wonder if this Survivor romance will last even after Survivor. haha~ Oh, and he announced to the whole world, well, at least to all the Survivor audience in the whole world, that he is a virgin. lol~
Lesson Number 8: Survivor romances are good.

Frosti is the youngest player ever at a grand young age of 20. I thought contestants need to be at least 21 to participate? Don't know... Anyway, Frosti was seen to be the "stronger" player of the losing tribe, so he must have some strength somewhere. On the whole he's quite a nice and matured guy, I quite like him.
Lesson Number 9: Be matured, and be nice.

She's the romantic interest of Erik! haha~ No la, she's really cute, but she's the bimbo I mentioned earlier. Well, guys do think with their cocks after all. Until now, Jaime is quite a sweet girl, I do like her, but she's can't control her giggles and I think that she'll have to pay for it. Yup, she and PG decided to throw a challenge, and she kept giggling throughout about it, didn't make any attempt to hide it. bimbo.
Lesson Number 10: Don't be a bimbo.

James is this huge muscular guy who is a gravedigger. We once had a mortician, Darrah, some many seasons back, and now we have a gravedigger, really interesting. James singlehandedly wins challenges, and he does a lot of work in camp. He's really the strongest player out there. And he's really for the challenges one, because after he found out that Jaime and PG threw the challenge, he asked them to vote him out because he did not see their stand. Aaron on the other hand asked to stay because he thought that one day not voted out was another chance of getting the million bucks. Let's just say that people never get what they want.
Lesson Number 11: You never get what you want.

He's a professional poker player, how the hell do you become a professional poker player??? He's got this very interesting gameplan, he goes all out to make people hate him in day 1 and from then he tries to improve a little bit by a little bit with each passing day. I do quite like him for his entertainment value. He's really fun to watch.
Lesson Number 12: Do have a strategy.

Christian woman. It's not that I don't like Christians, but I really think that there's no need to be so pushy about it and there's also no reason to treat fellow Christians any better than the other people.
Lesson Number 13: Religion is really not important at all.

In the beginning I thought that she was a bit too strong headed and too showy and that would cause her detriment, but she's toned down a lot, and is pretty nice now. And she really thinks far ahead. It's always controversial to throw a challenge, but strategy wise, I think that what she did was a sound decision.
Lesson Number 14: You need to think ahead always.

I don't like her. First she wear these high heels into the game and her bra's so loose that she's probably the most pixilated person in the show. Then she's fat and lazy and doesn't do much around camp, she says that she's conserving energy for the challenges, but well, it just doesn't sound helpful at all. And the disgusting thing is that she's an elementary school teacher. Really wonder what she teaches the kids.
Lesson Number 15: Work hard, play hard.

Todd is the strategy master in the game. He has all these kinds of plans and everything, like a shadow king, puppet master. I think he'll head down the road of Rob C whom he reminds me off. But with the change in final tribal council where we go into top 3 rather than top 2, he does sounds like he has a chance. erm... Nope, I don't like strategy masters that much.
Lesson Number 16: Make sure your strategy is the best.

So that rounds up the whole of the introduction. My stand here is that I'm supporting the Fei Long tribe. I don't have a single favourite player as yet, but I do want Jaime, PG, Frosti, Courtney, Jean Robert and James to stay in the game.

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