Friday, November 16, 2007

A Day of Joan Cooked Meals

Every day is a Sunday, and any day when I feel like it, I can cook. So, this is a chronicle of a day of Joan cooked meals, and incidentally, other than the late night supper of a dessert, everything has cheese in them. Okay, maybe it's not so incidental since I love cheese, and I do have mozzerella in the fridge, and mozzerella is so versatile in cooking. But still, anyway, back to the topic, Joan cooked!

a day of joan cooked meals
Cheese waffles for breakfast.
Macaroni and cheese for lunch.
Baked chicken breasts for dinner.
Ice cream waffles for supper.
What more can a Joan want? And better still, it's all Joan-cooked.

a joan cooked cheese waffles
Okay, so I cheated a bit and bought pre-made waffles, but I did heat them up and melt the cheese on it, and I even did a two cheese waffles. The nice salty sweet taste of processed cheddar mixed with the soft and chewy and stringy mozzerella. Absolutely cheesy~ With the luscious taste of the melted butter, omg, heavenly. haha~

These waffles are really great, I must buy more of it to keep. Refrigerated ones can be stored for a month and frozen ones can be stored for two months or more! But I don't think I'll keep them for that long, my mouth and my tummy will call for it to disappear pretty quickly.

a joan cooked macaroni and cheese
This is the very standard Joan's macaroni and cheese. I invented it when I was a poor student in Germany.

I'm sure everyone knows how to cook macaroni, so the secret lies in the cheese, how to make this sort of cheese. This is so much thicker and cheesier than those Kraft instant Mac and Cheese. The secret lies in using only processed cheddar, and it must be President's and it must be the individually wrapped ones. Only President's cheddar has a rich cheddar cheese taste and being individually wrapped, it makes melting easier, and it won't turn stringy. Another thing is also to add a very very little bit of milk, and salt to taste.

I do enjoy my macaroni and cheese a lot but my sister complained it being too hard and dry, but that's also exactly why I like it. I undercook most of my pasta to make it more al dente than most al dente pasta. And the dryness is because I don't add in too much milk, and definitely no cornstarch thickeners, so that the cheese is just right and cheesy.

a joan cooked baked chicken breasts
Baked Chicken Breasts in Mushroom Gravy.
Someone got this recipe off the net, and it seemed pretty easy to do, but we modified some parts of it.

The crux, the mushroom gravy. Another cheating method, which was taught to us by the recipe, is to make use of canned mushroom soup instead of making the gravy by scratch. Sure saves a lot of time and trouble. But to give it a more personal touch, we added in another can of mushrooms, and lots of herbs, the result was a very very fragrant gravy mix. The recipe also called for red and green peppers as toppings, but we decided to axe that I use asparagus instead. We do need some greens in our diet, and my god, was that a wise decision. The asparagus lent a sweet tasting fragrance into the chicken, and my god was it good. But we might want to try mixing the asparagus into the mushroom gravy the next time instead. Also, another possible future modification would be to not add the mozzerella into the chicken. Somehow, the cheese taste is entired masked and it's just plain redundant.

The chicken by itself was pretty tasteless, so we might have to marinate it with the butter instead of just placing the butter on top of the chicken as mentioned by the recipe. Also, we might want to let the chicken sit in the mushroom gravy mixture for a bit longer before putting it in the oven to bake.

Waffles with chocolate icecream. It was pretty normal, definitely nowhere near those from Gelare, but well, considering that I made them at home, okay la. haha~

Let's see when's the next every day is a Sunday and I shall enter the kitchen again.

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