Friday, November 02, 2007

My Life Is Great

I know my life is great when I have four deadlines to meet in nine days, and I went without sleep for two nights in three, and I have forgotten to bring something essential to school for the second day running. My life is absofuckinglutely great.

Let's talk about the bloody deadlines first. I was supposed to have an essay due on Monday, but it was postponed till Wednesday, and me being the procrastinator, procrastinated. I didn't sleep the whole night on Tuesday to do up the essay. Then I have a presentation on Friday, today. I didn't sleep the whole night last night so that I can do up stuff. I still have another debate on the coming Wednesday next week, and another essay due on the next Friday. I don't know how many more sleepless nights I still have to suffer given my procrastinating tendencies.

grr... I so hate myself for being so fucked up. I'd tell myself, no Joan, you cannot always leave things till last minute, but I still do. It sucks. I can feel the guilt creeping up me and I hate it.

Everytime when I go without sleep the whole night I'd feel like I'm floating the next day. My head's a bit woozy, and I become very bad tempered. I'd feel mang zang for no reason, and I can't think straight. Crap, I can't even think at all.

Then I can't think straight that I forgot to bring my handphone to school yesterday. Of all things, my handphone, my camera, my gaming machine, my clock, my calendar, my phone book. I needed it because I was meeting Someone and we hadn't arranged on where and when to meet. Ya, and I still haven't got Someone's phone number into my head because I'm such a lazy bitch and I rely on my handphone for everything. Luckily, Someone had his number on Facebook and I got it from Aikhui's comp, and borrowed his phone to go along with the number.

But what was bad was that I missed all the SMSes and phonecalls my presentation mate gave me yesterday. crap... I felt so bad about it lor.

And that what got worse was that I forgot to bring my wallet to school today. My dad sent me to school so there wasn't a need for EZlink card so I didn't notice my wallet missing until I wanted to have lunch. argh... Of all things my wallet, my EZlink card, my money, my more money, my more EZlink card, and I'm going out for a movie later and I need to take bus and I need to pay my friend for the tickets she booked, and I need...


Yes, I'm going crazy already. ahahahahahahahahahahaha...

I think I'm going back home soon. Someone will be lending me money. But the problem now is should I take bus and get more fucked up for godknowswhat reasons, or should I take the easy way out and take a cab home and reach the solace of my blankie and beddie and pillowie as soon as possible? And get some proper rest before I head out for the movie later tonight...

I'm hungry now. I should behaving lunch. Can Someone give me a treat?

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