Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Update

I've been out eating eating eating until I'm fat fat fat. But I haven't forgotten about my blog, no worries. Because I've been out so much, I've accumulated tons and tons of photos, and I am editing them for the blog use now!

Okay, I'm now taking a break... I'm half done, but my eyes are turning groggy and I'm really tired (check out the time now!), so I guess I'll take a break, go and sleep and continue with the picture editings tomorrow. bahaha~ Actually, I also don't know why I'm taking so long with the pictures, I've been at it for four and a half hours now. My editings are so simple, just resize, then montage, the scribbles, I don't even bother removing my pimples and shining my face anymore (make up does the trick quite well, haha).

Okay, I'll be back before the year ends to finish up with all the posts. Check back for the bumper posts~
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year folks!

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