Sunday, January 06, 2008

Girls' Night Out

Sorry for the neglecting of the blog, I've been so busy with so many things, but more about that another time. Finishing up with the batch of posts I wanted to do the previous time, this is girls' night out piece.

This the annual Christmas gathering cum gift exchange with the girls, and it's really wonderful that all of us were able to make it. Nicely dolled up, pretty and becoming more and more mature, it's nice to see the girls again. Even though Yingling, Jasmine and Eunice are still in school with me, we hardly get to see each other, with the occasional his and byes along the corridors. I did try to arrange like a weekly lunch session with Jasmine, but to our horror, when we compared time tables we realised that whenever I'm in school, she's not. It's like all my free days she had class, and vice versa. Worse was the days we both were in school, I'd be having morning classes and she afternoons, or that I had afternoon classes on her morning days. Kinda not fated sia...

christmas with my doubly lovely ladies
Pretty pretty girls. I wore a new dress there!

christmas with my very lovely ladies
We had dinner at Swensen's at Holland V. But we didn't have our desserts there, we headed over to 2am Dessert Bar for desserts and another round of camwhoring.

christmas with the camwhoring lady posers
Jasmine and I went really crazy.
While walking over to the dessert bar from Swensen's, we passed by this beauty salon with cool blue lights, which just called out to us to take pictures with it. Then after our desserts, we spotted the sign of the dessert bar, and some weird objects lying around, which triggered off another round of posing and phototaking.

christmas plus girls equals photos
Real fun~

christmas gift exchange
Check out out gift exchange!
Look at all of us with our gifts, I wanted to type out who received what gifts from whom, but then I realised that I couldn't remember everything, so haha, shouldn't say too much here and reveal my ignorance. lol~

christmas dinner with the girls
A nicely taken picture of all of us at Swensen's, even though some people's heads are smaller than some others, but still a very nice picture there.

christmas all heads in picture
Our standard self taken picture while trying to fit everyone's heads inside. Pity two left early, you spotted them?

Okay, I know my blogging's getting more slipshoddy, but I'm really busy. School's going to start soon, I should have more time in the early weeks of school before mid term break sets in. Good luck to all who've started, or are starting school after the nice and yummy winter holidays~


Jasmine said...

thanks for all the photos joan! your black halter dress looks great in all of them! im glad we finally got to check out 2amdessertbar and stone grill! wheee:)

xxoos said...

ahh, jasmine! i just bought another halter dress, dark peach colour with a bit of woven trimmings at the hem. yup, if there are any other food places you'd like to try out, just drop me a note, ya~ haha~

Jasmine said...

sounds pretty! the color sounds like it will complement your complexion beautifully! anyway, i just bought mary-janes from pazzion (but they're lambskin so $66 seems reasonable, esp for quality footwear!) and ORANGE shorts!

yes, another outing soon!! dare to try scottish cuisine? highlanders at clarke quay!=)

xxoos said...

sure! i'm always game for food~ haha... but erm, orange shorts doesn't sound that much jasminesy to me somehow or another... hehe...