Sunday, February 03, 2008

Busy with Deadlines

It's not even the fourth week of the term and I'm swamped with work. This is so crap. I thought that by doing a couple of lower level modules I can slack off for my last semester and just enjoy my last days in NUS eating all the food I'll be missing after I graduate, now I'm so busy and so stressed that I don't even know if I can graduate.

Let's see what I have coming up:
- my EU and ASEAN tutorial presentation which I have yet read up on
- Farrell's presentation which I've yet done anything about and that we'd be doing it in Malacca. What crap of a presentation this will be!
- my European politics essay which I have yet even read the question

Then in between all that it's hunting for a job, trying to see when I can make it to start my driving lessons again. *sigh* I have to pick up the wheel again if not I'll turn obsolete. So much for me wanting to get my license before I graduate, now I don't even have time to learn how to drive. I don't even have time to blog.

Okay, we all have the time, it's just that I don't know how to use it properly. I'm just an expert in wasting time. I don't even know what I did over this weekend, it just passed by with me not doing anything at all. How absolutely marvelous.

And with CHinese New Year next week, Valentine's Day the following, and the Malacca trip the day after, and the Sarawak trip the week after, this semester will be a total buzz of a semester. I was planning to skip my EU and ASEAN lecture on Wednesday morning I won't need to go to school for the whole week next week, but because of the above mentioned presentations, I will be going back to school on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays. What a great way to spend my Chinese New Year.

Oh, speaking of Chinese New Year, I had one of the best Reunion Dinners yesterday. We had an early reunion dinner, and my god was it fantastic! Too bad no pictures because I hadn't brought my camera because I thought it was a simple affair, and I left my handphone in the car. Anyway, we went to my aunt's house and we had a whole lot of goodies. The quintessential abalone, no less. There was an extra serving of abalone on top of the abalone with vegetables, so all had a lot of abalone. Then the usual prawns, eggs, chicken wings, squid. Ho ho, then there was the steamboat.

Steamboat sounds pretty normal right? haha, we had amazing ingredients thanks to my little aunt who went to the Hokkaido fair at Shaw. We had Hokkaido crab legs! That was so good. The deshelled crab legs were so pink and so juicy and so sweet. Also amazing was the shabu shabu pork. Dipped in the sesame sauce, it was so tender and so good.

But I'm still looking forward to the feast my daddie's going to cook up on Chinese New Year Eve. It won't feature crabs and shabu shabu but he's doing up my favourite breaded prawn (I hope) and breaded pork chops, and much more abalone, and sharks' fins. Hoo hoo, and much more goodies. Then there's the Lo Hei dinner on the seventh day of Chinese New Year when we're going to Beng Hiang again. Much more of my favourite goodies in the form of Hokkien Mee and Kong Bak Pau.

I am so going to grow fat.

Haha, I started out this post as grumbling and whining, but as the topic changed to food, my whole tone lighted up and I started orgasming. This seriously explains why I'm growing so fat.


soleil said...

Hang in there! Just one more sem! All that food sounds yum! :)

xxoos said...

you take care and have fun too, ya~