Friday, February 15, 2008

This Blogger Will Be Out of Town

... but you won't miss much of me since I'm having lesser and lesser time to blog recently.

Yup, but I'll be off to Malacca for a field trip, I won't be buying many things since there aren't many things that I can get in Malacca. And I'll be more concerned with my presentation. Yup, I've a presentation, and it'll be held in Malacca since we are missing our class on Friday to go on that trip.

Wish me luck for my presentation, I think I'm freaking out already. I had two nights of less than 3 hours of sleep. I'll be so looking forward to a good rest in Malacca after my presentation. And well, catching up my sleep on the bus ride there. For once, I hope that there'd be massive jams en route to Malacca. wahahaha~


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stephanie said...

goodluck for your presentation joan!