Sunday, March 09, 2008

Malaysian Elections

For some unknown reason, I was actually quite interested in this round of elections in Malaysia. Maybe because I just returned from Malacca and Kuching, and looking at the actual state of Malaysia that made me think a little bit more, or maybe I just happened to have matured a bit, or maybe it's the high coverage of non-mainstream media reports that are floating about the internet that I can easily access. Or maybe it's a bit of a mixture of all those above mentioned reasons and some more.

But anyway, my point is that I'm quite unsure if a weak Malaysia or a strong Malaysia is better for Singapore. And I'm unsure if a strong BN equates to a weak Malaysia or a strong opposition equates to a weak Malaysia. Politics and social development is so complicated.

Anyway, I was reading some of the abstracts of the opposition party and I thought that the opposition parties in Malaysia are getting smarter. Or at least more sound that they're actually viable oppositions. Take for example PAS, I always thought that they were some sort of a staunch Islamic group, but they've modernised. The main focus of the party now is not to convert Malaysia into an Islamic state and impose religion on everyone, but to stand against corruption, rising prices, and promote harmony among the races. The DAP's also a very interesting party, there's a lot of highly educated people among the ranks, and they know what is it that could make Malaysia stronger, and their calls for a Malaysian Malaysia.

Well, let's just say that if I were a Malaysian... But anyway I'm not and I've different interests at stake, so I'll just watch the results and see how things go from there I suppose. Congrats to the the opposition for winning for than a third majority, good luck to you guys. Congrats to the BN for winning the majority of the seats, good luck to the government.

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