Friday, October 31, 2003

Faye Wong

i absolutely adore faye wong!!!

i admire her talent, for singing and penning her own songs, though her own compositions sounds very alt, but it's just that that i find her amazing. she doesn't care much about the market, producing what she likes and want to share with us all. i remember her fable (yu4 yan2) where she wrote this set of songs that are somewhat interlinked, but each retaining their separate identities, and the lyrics, needed to be accompanied by a glossary... very alt, very character...

she's going to have a new album!!! i can't wait, it has been like 2 years plus since the last album... really, she puts time and effort into producing every one of her albums that time is not a factor nor is the publicity. i believe that if a singer produces like 3 albums a year, quality would be traded in.

not only will there be a new faye album for me to fawn over, there 2046!!! it's touted to house the most interesting on-screen couple in recent film history, faye and takuya... well, something to wait for, though i personally think that faye and takeshi kaneshiro looks the best together... seen them together on screen for some golden horse award ceremony before, oh man, they just ooze attraction... actually, directors johnnie to and wai kar fai also think so too, and they long have wanted to pair the couple together, but, well, it became gigi leung...

not only is the recent news of faye hyping me up, WUBAI'S COMING TO SINGAPORE!!! i just can't wait!!! that reminds me to collect 24 abc stout bottle caps... friends, where are you when i need you?! pls, anyone possible, lend me a helping hand and collect the bottle caps, if not i'll sing wubai's song into your ears everytime i see you! (frowning, with hands on my hips and pouting)

all my favourite people... ahh... *in bliss*