Friday, August 20, 2004

2 Stupidity Symptoms

Stupidity Symptoms 7
One day, Joan accompanied Friend A to look at laptops as Friend A wanted to buy one. But before Friend A could actually make the order, Joan had to leave. The next day, Joan woke up and was still worried about her friend getting a laptop, so she decided to message her friend, but for unknown reasons, Joan messaged Friend B asking if she had bought the laptop. A very confused Friend B replied Joan “no”. Joan did not take much notice of this until the next day she woke up and with unknown reasons, she realised that she had messaged the wrong person!

Stupidity Symptoms 7
With her political science lecture the next day, Joan decided to visit the computer lab and print out the notes beforehand. But that that time, there wasnt any new lecture slides on the IVLE, so Joan decided to do some other stuff before checking the IVLE again. After 2 ½ hours, Joan went up onto the IVLE to check again and spotted something new. Without hesitation, Joan quickly printed out the notes seeing that they looked vaguely familiar. That night, after retreating to her room, Joan wanted to read through the notes before her lecture so that she wont get lost the next day. Holding up the notes reading them, she saw it becoming more and more familiar, then she realised that this wasnt the political science set of notes but notes for her another module, Politics of Southeast Asia. And the dumb thing is that she had already printed out that set of notes and had her lecture the day before!

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