Saturday, November 13, 2004

Singapore Idol, Part 2

Singapore Idol, part 2

Little 'ol Joan realised a glaring mistake after her postings yesterday. She spelt Olinda's name wrongly! Oh my God! How could she have done so?! Okay... So she thought something looked wrong with Oli's name, but she couldn't place the mistake and only after today's results show that she noticed those glaring mistakes and as we all know, Joan's a big lazy bum, so we really don't expect her to make those changes. Well, for the very least, I bring you all Joan's apologies to Oli.

So, here's my continued 2 more cents worth on the Idols which now left Taufik, Sylvester and Olinda...

I'm glad Daphne finally made her way out of the Idol competition. Since perhaps after Christopher left, she had the weakest vocals and her fan base seemed to be so over reliant on the support given to her by her alma mata. I don't think that being a popular school senior makes one an Idol. Just like Christopher, I don't think that having a rich family who can afford to make thousands of calls for him makes him an Idol. Ditto for Jerry with his Church members. And it's so coincidental that these 3 of them managed to steal time and remain in the competition. I'd call them having lived on borrowed time.

As I mentioned yesterday, I don't like Daphne not only because she can't sing, but because she has small eyes and a horrid whiny voice, but being the nice girl Joan is, she'd like to propose a couple of alternative career options of the ex-St Margaret's girl.

1. She can join Channel 8.
Channel 8 likes small-eyed short young girls with whiny voices and horrible Chinese as we can see in the casting of The Champion. With Channel 8 Daphne can also go on singing in English or Chinese, it doesn't really matter cos Channel 8 have been producing CDs for lots of veterans who can sing no better than Daphne. In fact, I can safely say, Daphne can kick all their asses.

2. Model for a cosmetic company marketing their eyeliner.
Daphne is in great need for good eyeliners to accentuate her non-existent eyes and this would prove a very good job of easy money for her. Of course, if the product doesn't work, then Joan can just say, I'm sorry Daph.

3. Carry on studying.
She's still young and stupid. More studying would be good for her. Pack her books, head off to school, she can always join singing competitions in school and with her Idol number 4 status, she can sway the judges to let her win the competition. But of course, if she doesn't have the grades to put her back in school, then it's not Joan's problem again.

4. Get married.
So we heard that she's dating Christopher, or not. It doesn't really matter, she can marry him and not worry about the next half of her life. Chris' family sure look rich enough to support her, if not they can always play a golf game less a week to feed her. Daph will be fine. That is assuming that Chris can tahan some serious whining, but looking at Chris himself, he looks like a whiner so Joan's assuming that he can tolerate other's whining.

5. Cut an album for her alma mata.
Since they like her so much. But seriously, I don't think they'd pay Daph to cut an album for them cos Joan's betting that their funds are in deficit from making so many calls for her just to sustain her in the Idol competition.

That's really about it liao. Daphne, good luck in your future just as long as you don't come back with an album to haunt. Okay, little Joan's a nice girl, so she won't just damn Daphne all the way. Daphne can sing, really, just as long as she drops the whine she's fine. You know, about Florence saying that she can write a book about losing weight, I think maybe Daph can put it off for a while. She still looks a bit pudgy on screen.

Comparing the 4 remaining Idols, indeed Daph ought to have left, but Joan had thought that it was Olinda going cos of her wrong choice of song, Qian Yan Wan Yu, and she just don't look like an Idol, and she has been hovering in the bottom 2 for the past few weeks. I was quite surprised to see her not in the bottom 2 today and this would mean that her rich family have started pouring in the big bucks, spending major money on keeping their dear child in the competition.

There should be a rule that family members cannot take part in the voting.

Right now, from the looks of the voting and talent, it seems like Taufik will be crowned Idol, if not, he is definitely going into the final 2 anyway. Between Olinda and Sylvester, I'd think that judging from mass voting, Sly has the upper edge, but if Oli mobilises her immediate family, young allowance claiming girls are no match with matured money rolling in big shots.

But Sly has always amazed me. He seems forever, every week, stuck in the bottom few, but he always makes it through in the last minute. This would mean only two things, 1 His fan base is growing with every week, or 2 His fans are able to predict the number of totals votes and just vote enough to let him through. Personally, I would think that the most plausible answer would be the former, but than again, are there really enough screaming young nubiles with adequate cash to put Sly through?

Well, I can just say safely that even if Sly doesn't win this Idol, or even if he does and become our first Idol, he will be definitely be offered with a singing contract. On a very very personal opinion, I wouldn't want Sly to win the contract given as the prize for being Singapore Idol. He can only become very very big if he's offered a regional contract by a Taiwanese label. If on a local contract, Sly's main priority would be producing English albums which can't sell further than JB and even if the record label lets him producing a chinese album, they wouldn't let him fully develop the marketing potential outside Singapore with his much commitments to the local scene.

If I were Sylvester's marketing agent, I'd have him sign as an artiste under a Taiwanese artiste management and have him set up a foundation in Taiwan first before bringing him back to Singapore. This has been tried and tested with Stefanie Sun, A-Do, JJ Lin, and the likes of them. Then I would get him to act in a couple of Taiwanese idol dramas, yes, and by then fans would be really eating out of his hand. The only thing seriously lacking in Sly is his height. But then again, Taiwanese aren't very tall, so I guess he'll just do fine.

Going on plotting career maps for Olinda, well, I can just say that she, with her red hair would make her a decent looking mamasan and with her strong vocals she can accompany her guests at the KTV lounge all night belting out her power numbers. Well, if not, Olinda can always get her family to sponsor the capital for her to cut an album.

When this whole Singapore Idol thing started, a couple of my friends and I were saying that we bet that lots of Malays would join. I mean, if SI is like a contemporary version of Talentime (which attracted lots of Malays) we guessed that it would be so for SI. Well, we thought that there were other avenues for the Chinese to gain fame and cut albums. So I was quite surprised that there weren't really many Malays in the competition.

You know, I can think up of all the weird weird stuff for everybody to do if they can't make it as an Idol, but I just can't think of any that would fit Taufik to a T. Umm... Am I losing my touch? Or am I just reserved over him cos I don't really want to pass more racist comments and piss more people off? Nah... I just want Taufik to win the Idol cos I don't think that Malays can ever get other chances to win singing contracts.

So all the best Taufik! I hope you win though I will never buy your album.

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