Thursday, November 11, 2004

Singapore Idol

Singapore Idol

I've just caught it on tv, then I made it down to the Idol Forum Website to check out on how Singaporeans are reacting to the show, and the Idols. Well, my 2-cents worth...

I'm a potato fan of the Singapore Idol (ie, a person who regularly watches the show cos she has nothing better to do and not necessarily liking that show) but I don't seem to like any of the Idols. At the start of the competitions, I was actually supporting Sylvester cos he looked like an Idol, sang like an Idol, and had the appeal of an Idol, but as time went by, I must say, Sly, you really disappointed me.

From the start of the studios round of competition, I thought that Sylvester would shine, especially with the sudden boybands, pretty boys craze brought in here from the crazed land of Taiwan, but he didn't make it. Luckily he got through as the people's choice in the Wildcards, and I had sincerely wished him (from the comforts of my armchair towards the big shot of his face on the tv screen) all the best and to continue to impress me. But I don't know which spectalular was it, that I realised the Sly isn't really ready to be an Idol.

Why not Sly?

He's not ready.
If you look at his posture and his expressions when the camera is not closed up on him or if it's a group shot, he doesn't really smile much and his face when not smiling is quite serious, not the kind of serious serious, but the kind of I'm not confident but I must stay focused kinda serious, so it was quite putting off. An Idol must be confident, especially when faced with immense pressure from the audience and the media, and our dear Sly can't do that yet. And as long as he isn't confident, I really think he should just sing to his fans. Or anybody without ears, not older than 17, has nothing better to do than screaming at some pretty boy faced guy.

I refer back to a Taiwanese reality show quite similiar to the Idol, it was called Top Idol, incidentally. There was this girl I really hated cos she cried at the slightest negative comment directed to her and every time the results were out, she would shudder in fear and despite the results being in her favour or not, she would burst out in tears. I mean, as an Idol, you will need to face much more criticisms and pressures by the media and the audiences. You can't get the liking of everybody! And to combat that, only by one's confidence. There is a lack of confidence in Sly. I cringe everytime I see his face filled with anxiousness when part of the bottom few. An Idol should not feel anxious about results. Win or lose, they are always Idols as long as they think they are!

But looking at the other Idols left in the competition, I'd say, if not for Sly, I wouldn't even want to be a potato fan of SI.

Not Olinder.

She's fat.
Too fat to be an Idol. And hearing her sing a Teresa teng number in a Tsai Chin voice just now, all I can say to her is that, if she doesn't have the looks why not just play to her strengths and not give them all away like that. I don't like her hair too. I'm not really so much against that butch-length hair, but more against the ah soh-colour of her hair. Really, like who still does their hair in that ghastly red?! Only the ah soh selling chicken rice downstairs!

Oli, please, just get voted out next week and spare me the agony of staring at your hair!

Not Daphne.

She's whiny.
Her voice sounds so putting off that it's comparable to the sucky voice of Fiona Xie and Jeanette Aw both put together. I really can't imagine anyone buying her CDs in the future to hear her whining. Maybe tonedeaf fans and some deprived chee ko peks who got tired of Britney Speares whining and want something fresh for a change. And another very putting off thing about Daph, her eyes. There are so miniscule that I'm wondering if she can actually see her screaming fans? Okay, that's just me. I hate people with small eyes. Not hate, just think that people with small eyes don't look that nice, and shouldn't be Idols. Yup, I don't like other small eyed celebrities like Sharon Au, Sandy Lam, so shoot me won't you?

Not Taufik.

Even though he's the most talented person in the competition, I don't like him.
Friends would know why.
If you read my blog from first entry to last (but if you really do so, then I guess, you really have got nothing better to do, sad...) you would know why.
I'm sorry to those I might have offended.

So, if it's not Daphne, not Olinder, not Taufik, then I'll have to be supporting Sylvester, by default.

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