Friday, March 25, 2005



I've been learning German for a couple of months already. I won't say I know a lot of words, but I do know quite a few words. Of all the vocabulary I'd learnt, this is my favourite word, ausschlafen.

The root word is schlafen which means sleep.

With the prefix aus, ausschlafen also means sleep. But there is a very distinct difference between these two sleeps. I didn't understand the difference until my lecturer described it. And I like the way she put it cos from the meaning of ausschlafen you cannot find a translation in English or Chinese using a single term.

Ausschlafen means to sleep and wake up (when my class heard that from our lecturer, we laughed) naturally, without the aid of alarms or calls. Schlafen merely means to sleep.

In English or Chinese, I there isn't any similar term. If you want to say that in English, that would be like how I explained, very clumsy. In Chinese, I guess you'd say 睡饱, but I don't think that's pure Chinese, and it sounds pretty crude too. Well, if you can find similar terms of ausschlafen in other languages, do share with me!

Why do I like that term?

Cos that's a luxury.
It's not everybody who can ausschlafen. No matter how much many one has, it's impossible to use money to buy ausschlafen.

Luckily for the past couple of days, I've tried to get back some rest, the rest I so needed due to the serious lack of sleep in the weeks before. The past few weeks have seen this girl having an average 3 hours of sleep a day, rushing deadlines for both term papers and cue sheets, but, finally, in the past two to three days, I managed to pay back my debts, albeit a little slowly.

Last night, I slept like a baby. I went to bed at around 1. But it's not the quantity of the sleep, but the quality. I slept peacefully, nothing like how've I been sleeping in the past few weeks. I woke up naturally too, first at 7 but I went back to sleep when I realised that it was 7. Then I woke up at 830, naturally. I even managed to laze in my bed for 15min before getting up. It must have been ages since I last lazed in my bed, usually I'd be sleeping, or having to wake up.

Sleeping is good. Sleeping without the need to set alarm is even better. I must say for safety purposes, I did set an alarm before sleeping, but I beat the alarm in waking up.

Maybe it was because I was really shagged that I manage to fall asleep at 1. 1 is very early to a nocturnal Joan, ya... And maybe it's because a big stone is dropped from my heart, so I've the peace to sleep well. Or maybe it's because most of my stressful stuff has been cleared. Or maybe it's because I'm so excited about going to Germany.

haha... Just feeling so good even though I'm tired now... hehe... Rather contradicting, but so well...

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