Thursday, March 03, 2005

you can chat with me

Let's see, I wanted to talk about what's on tv recently, but well, I'm putting that for later. Wanna talk about something else first, so I guess this would be a long blog entry.

I think I've got a face that says "you can chat with me"~

What do I mean by that?
People like to talk to me, not really people, but more like strangers. And when I say so, it doesn't mean that I get picked up often at pubs cos the strangers who talk to me are people interested with me, but people who just happen to feel like talking. umm... That sounds weird too. So how should I put it?

Incident 1: Monday at the museum
I was taking down notes on a piece of paper in preparation for my museum report when this guy walking past stopped me and chatted with me by asking if I was taking that module that required us to do that report. Nothing funny, just a small chat, just that under that sort of circumstance it does seem rather weird.

Incident 2: Tuesday at a corridor
I was looking for a bench when I spotted this lone person occupying a bench so I stepped up to ask if I could share it with him. Nothing special. Then I noticed the reading he was reading was from one of my modules, so I asked if he was doing that module too. He said yes. Nothing special. I went on doing my stuff. Then his friend came over to chat with him, and I don't know what happened, they drew me into their conversation. Now this is weird. I don't even know how it started.

Okay, there are also some other, but not with strangers, but in a span of two days I had conversations, mundane conversations, those kind have you eaten kind, with two lecturers. And quite a number with my tutorial mates whom I also never spoke to before. This is getting freaky. Is it me that is like itching to talk to people or what's going on?

Let's now talk about my prerennial favourite topic~ TV!

There are three things on tv recently that caught my eye~

You Are the One (channel8, 9pm weekdays)
I'm madly in love with Christopher Lee. He's so cute! I think all the characters in this show are cute, with the exception of Meili. The other characters are all very good looking, and have interesting personalities that make their characters very endearing, this also makes the show very watchable as we watch the progress of the characters. But other than watching Christopher Lee and the characters, it is sad for me to say that this show has a leaky plot with an undertermined storyline. The only thing that holds the show together is its characters. Still it's the only thing watchable on ch8 lately... ch8 sucks...

Mercerdes-Benz Advert
What makes a perfect advertisement? A good advertisement is one that is effective in getting consumers to buy their products, or one that leaves a significant implant in our minds, or one that is just aesthetically nice, but a perfect advertisement is one that encompasses all these and more. And I think this recent line of Mercerdes advert is just perfect.

You guys would know by now that my fav brand for cars is BMW, but like that German snoot in her, she does like all cars German, Mercerdes are okay too. But after watching this advertisement, I have an urge to get a Mercerdes, okay, I know it's impossible to get one, so at least, I'll be more appreciative of my dad's car. I'll not call my dad's car Old Man, instead I'll call it Trusted Man. Beemers are for the high-flyers, the do-its and get-its, those who zips around the blitzy areas with neon lights and bright spots, but Mercerdes are a legacy, a legacy to pass on, like what the advertisement describes. It's so dignified.

If I've the cash to spare, I'll not only get a Beemer to zip around the town, but also a Mercs to pass on the legacy. Or maybe I should start cajoling my dad to pass on his Old Man to me, huh? hehe... oops... I'm supposed to be calling it Trusted Man. yup...

Amazing Race is back!

I'm rooting for Rob and Amber this season cos I was a Survivor fan~
I think Amber is pretty, and she's got that million dollars, and a guy beside her.
I think Rob deserves a million dollars after all the nasty things he did.
Do they deserve another million dollars?
I think they do deserve it, then Rob caould really mean it when he says that they have won the million dollars, cos remember, he didn't win the million dollars in the amazing race, Amber won it, and she truly deserved every cent out of that hundred million.

The other groups...
Don't really have much impression out of the other groups, just that Lynn and Alex are freaky, and the blonde pair are cute, but i'm not rooting for them to win, as win the childhood girlfriends. The mother and son team is weirder than the father daughter team last season. yup... And it seems like this season there is a significant drop in the number of couple teams. Wonder why~

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