Saturday, April 30, 2005

joan says...

I caught the flu bug again.
My exams sucked big time cos I didn't study.
Exams make you do funny things you never thought you'd do.
What I am watching now.
My red alert status is high.
My poor family having to endure me at my very worst.
My holiday plans.

The above are the agenda for the day. Seems like after a week and I'm sucked dry of creative juices. Not really, I've been preoccupied by my exams, not that I studies, but it well, keeps me away from blogging. And after the 4789 word blog entry, I've used up all my words for the week. Yup~ I think that was a pretty cool posting.

First thing on the agenda. I caught the flu bug, must I emphasise this, AGAIN. Well, to people who don't know me or just got to know me, this is the bloody third time I caught the flu bug this year. My first was before the Chinese New Year, the second was just about my birthday, and now, the bloody third time. Why do I keep getting that damned bug, and must I reiterate that just about last December I had that bug too, just after my grandma's passing on, I lay in bed with that bug. SO that make this my fourth bug in about six months.

So here is Joan, wallowing up in her sickness in her precious healing tatami mat with no one to care for her. Maybe it's that Joan falls sick ever so happen that nobody seems to be taking notice of her now. She can die for everybody cares. Oh heck... Just hope that I can recover in time to enjoy my holidays. wahaha~ I can't wait for the hols sia...

Second, my exams sucks cos I didn't study. I don't know why but haven't been in the mood to study much. Okay, think the only paper that I did and am doing sufficient study is for Singapore's Military History cos that's the only one that I don't have much basic knowledge of. My Southeast Asian Studies paper was totally based on my own knowledge of Southeast Asia, what Hasim taught for history back in JC, and what Dr Budi taught last semester for Politics of Southeast Asia.

One thing I'd like people to take note of, whatever happens, steer clear away from SE1101E. It sucks! And I'm even feeling that that is an understatement. What's wrong with it? It's bloody boring. I took Politics of Southeast Asia last semester. By right politics is supposed to be boring, Southeast Asia was supposed to be boring, but that module wasn't that bad at all, in fact I quite enjoyed it cos the notes was comprehensive, and I attended every lecture and took down all notes diligently. Even the research was interesting and much to my surprised, I got my A- for my essay and my B+ for the module, and it is a level 2000 module, so I thought that well, I can try out that exposure this semester, after all I still have my exposures to clear. What a mistake to make. Because it is very diverse, it is boring and very rojak, there is no uniformity between different lectures and there isn't really a clear theme that's easy to draw. And I started skipping lectures. Not a good thing.

My next exam was Theatre Studies. That is a gone case module. The C I got for my essay will so pull down my grades, and the crap I wrote for this exam will do me no more good than bad. Okay, maybe the first part of the exam wasn't that bad, but the second part was crap. I don't know I could actually crap that much, with no evidence to substantiate my crap. I did the question on the history of theatre and like all history questions that I've got no answer to, I made up history as I went along. It wasn't even covered in the lectures! My god... Okay, it might have been when I was sleeping, or one of the lectures that I missed, but it isn't really my fault. The bloody lectures are at 9am and well, who can blame me sia?! I'm now just hoping that the first part of the exam and the practical component is able to pull my grades up.

And I just came back from my European Studies exam. It's not really European Studies, but more of a History module. 20th Century History. I don't really know how to go about studying for it as the European history part is like so much read liao. Last semester was the Making of Contemporary Europe which second half was basically what's in 20th Century History, at least for the Europe component, and well, my A level history, so that makes me for the third year running studying the same things over and over again. So I tried focusing of my study for Japan and China, and a little part of America. Well, nothing I studied came out. Maybe I should put it in another way. It was an open book exam.

I thought open book exam was that we could bring in our textbooks only, so I just prepared to bring in my textbook, but an open book exam meant that we could bring in any bloody thing we wanted. I thought I was compromised. Well, not actually, cos even the book I brought with me was rendered useless. From start to end, I was writing until my fingers ached, there wasn't time for me even to touch my bloody book. The exam itself wasn't that bad, as least I could crap for 10 pages, but as Joan writes history essays, the marker must buy my argument.

Well, if it's Dr Clancey marking my paper, I can be assured of a pretty good grade. If he could give me an A for my that history paper which I wrote just like that, then I guess my exam answers aren't really that much different, maybe even better since I had lesser time for my exams. That is if he buys my argument. I make pretty daring statements, and it would really take an open minded person to embrace my ideas. Well, anyway, the questions I did were pretty much Europe centred, my preferred area of study, and I did the question on totalitarianism, my prerennial favourite topic. Pity I did not have enough time, if not I think I might do a more convincing argument out of it. Anyway, this as I feel in my bones, will be my best graded module for this semester. Pretty much by default cos my others sucked.

Come Thursday it'll be Singapore's Military History, I don't really know what to expect, so well, just pray for the best. Luckily I have the time now to rest my fingers and hope that it won't be cramped on that day. I mean, I just wrote 10 pages of crap in 2 hours just now! Okay, A levels was worse, I think I wrote 12 pages for each history paper, so that makes it 24 pages?! What crap?!

So if I didn't study for my exams what was I doing? I was doing stupid things. I became addicted to Spider. I was chatting online the whole day not studying. I watched TV. And the most stupid thing one can do. Check this out: and while you are at it, vote for me! Yup, other than doing that thing, I also wasted much of my time pestering friends to vote for me. I'd wait for my friends to come online and coerce them to vote for me and made them call all their friends to vote for me. If you are reading this now, you better vote for me, and while you are at it, call all your friends to vote for me too!

And, well, any *ding-ding* can note that our yahoo groups is spammed full, much of it is contributed my me cos I was so bored that I was sitting by the side of my computer waiting for mails and as you can note, my replies are pretty fast, I sort of replied just as I received it cos I really got nothing better to do. Pretty sad life huh? I don't dare go spam other yahoo groups. Seems like it's only the *ding ding* yahoo group that people do post weird things. Like we are now choosing the modules we want to do for next semester liao. And we are discussing what to do during the hols. Okay, I understand the hols one, but what's up with the choosing the modules one? We still have so much time. Okay, I think I might be the one started it cos I was aksing if anybody wants to do Total War. Sounds pretty cool~ My project group members were thinking of doing it and Sarah pretty much convinced me that it's a good choice. hehe~

Okay, now back to the TV shows I watched.

Beautiful Illusions. Channel 8, 9pm weekdays.
Starring Fann Wong, Thomas Ong, Qi Yuwu.

What made me want to watch this show? The pairing of Fann and Thomas. Well, BC (that is before Christopher Lee), Fann was best paired with Thomas. They were the pretty couple, blue-eyed match, even more apealing to the old Zoe and Nanxing. I still have the VCD of that Jie Lian Huan as evidence of their perfect match. 10 years ago, 10 years now, I wanted to watch this show to draw comparisons. How time haven taken a toll on them. When I was a good 10 years old, I watched a 20+ year old Fann and Thomas making out on screen. Fann was young and pretty as she acted as 3 different personas from different eras. Her acting was like that, demure, nice and well, very much Fann. Thomas was damn shuai. Even as he made up to look older, he still had that boyish charm.

And today, as I watch them as 30+es, well, I can only say time has been pretty kind on them. Fann still looks youthful, with that thick make up on her face, she look younger than Qi Yuwu even, and she's so fair, her legs are even better looking than before, oh my... If I can only age as gracefully as her. Thomas, he still has that boyish charm, and I must say, he looks not much older than Fann, which means that he still looks very young. Time is so kind on them~ Makes me jealous. By comparison, Yvonne Lim has aged. Pity.

The story is pretty interesting actually, just don't like the Chinese title. Jing Zhong Ren?! Sounds like Jing Hua Yuan. Whe I first heard the title I thought it was some horror show or period drama. Well, I guess if Mediacorp wants to boast of quality dramas, this is one of the better choices. Good cast, not bad a plot, interesting idea, and a gimmick. Nick Shen is really a good actor. Just thought about that, he's really a good actor, pity he looks too boy...

What other TV shows I'm watching? Amazing Race and Survivor. Think I've devoted quite a lot of space here to these realities each season. Amazing Race has amazed me this season. I first started out hating the boyfriends, but as they got eliminated, well, I must say that they are indeed nice people, sometimes, nice people isn't that easy to like. I say, I'm sorta rooting for Rob and Amber to win cos after winning Survivor, they must prove that they are indeed winners. They can't win something and lose something else, that would make Survivor seem easier to win than Amazing race. Some people might say that they already have that million dollars why would they need another million? Well, I say, that million dollars was Amber's and I strongly am supporting Rob to win his own million. yup~ I have this soft spot for the bad guys, so well...

Survivor. I like Stephanie. She's truly a survivor of her tribe, really disappointed that she got booted out. I'm rooting for Tom anyway cos he's a history major. hahaha~ Not only that, he's a strong one. He can win challenges. Another cutie, Ian. He's blonde and blue eyed and that's enough for me to say he's cute. lol~ yup~ This is the same Joan as you know. And he's a dolphin trainer. He must be a good guy to like dolphins, so I like him. Will root for him too.

Okay... The on the agenda, my red alert status. Think most of you should have realised that I've been using the term "bloody" quite a lot in this post. Well, that's my status. And the warning signal is high. How high? I just pretty much pissed everybody around me. And I spent two nights in bed crying my eyes out for no apparent reason at all. Think it might have been all that crying and the soaking of tears in an air conditioned room that made me sick. hai... But I'm feeling loads better now! A whole new world~ A bright new world~ On the way...

Just feeling pretty sorry to my family. Having to be cooped up at home, I started nagging at them incessantly cos I'm bored and pms. hai... Share with you a little snippet of my parents. On the way back from school which they picked me up from my exams, we passed by Marine Parade. Then I spotted my friend on the road, so I exclaimed to them, "Hey, that's my friend!"

"Which one?" they asked.

"Oh, the uglier one," I casually replied.

"The one carrying the basketball is it?"


Then several metres later, my mum turned to me. "How can you describe people as uglier or prettier? Isn't that very subjective? Shouldn't you describe people like what they are wearing or their position or something more objective?" Well, I hadn't really thought so much about that. hehe~

Finally, if you've got this far, it's fun time! Cos I'm now going to share my holiday plans! My plans for the month of May~

My exams end on 5 May, straight after that I'll be going to meet Weijia with Jinwei to do stock taking. hmm... I want to share another funny snippet about the two poor guys who had to endure much of my crap. Weijia first SMS-ed me when was the last of my exams, then we settles on that day, 5 May. In his SMS, he tried to be cheeky and said "so it's a date" but what he didn't realised that Joan can do LOTS better than that, so she replied, "yup~ and i'll bring a friend down for a threesome, can?" which de facto meant that I was going to get Jinwei down too. Weijia didn't reply me. So the next time I met him online I asked him why didn't he reply me, he was like, isn't that a joke. Well, people sure don't take me seriously do they? hai... Jinwei too, must say things plainly then can understand. Cannot mask my words with crappy language one, if not they think it's all crap. My dear friend from Theatre Studies crowned me Queen of Crap, basically think it's because I always use my words to kachiao him. lol~

6 May. Going with Jinwei to watch Madame Butterfly~ Woohoo~ That's so nice, so sad, so depressing~

7 May. Going to watch Temasek Nite Luyuan Zhi Ye with the CCC people~ Woohoo~ That's so long since I last met them~ I miss them~

11 12 13 May. Bonding Camp for my dearest Chinese Drama group. With a reckkie of UCC on 13 May. Woohoo~ This gives me more opportunity to go and kachiao Jinwei, and prob my Laoban, and all those who are going~ hehe~ The evil Joan triumphants~

21 May. *ding-ding* AGM. heehee~ Miss the *ding-dingers* liao... Always meet up in the yahoo group now finally got chance to meet up in real life~

21 May. Rhaspody of Spring Qing Chun Xuan Lu~ Meeting up with the CDS people~ wahaha~ It's been ages since last seen any of them, I wanna see them!!!

Well, those who wanna ask me out take note of my booked dates and come and arrange a time with me to book me earlier ba. Not on first come first serve basis. I'll prioritise and give those people I like a higher status in the waiting list. yup~ But please don't be put off, cos once you see your name on this list means you are confirmed liao. hahaha~ yup~ hmm... Dicky, if you are coming to town, will def slot you in somehow, so don't worry hor~ lol~

Yup... Later def must do a word count again. See how much crap I worte this time. It's one and a half hours since I started typing liao. wahaha~

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