Monday, April 04, 2005

A Tribute to My Dear Laoban

A Tribute to My Dear Laoban Ho Hon Hwee~

Before I start on my tribute, I need everybody reading this now to click on this link

That was my dear Laoban from every angle.

It's not easy being Joan's Laoban cos as you all know, Joan is a very difficult person to deal with. As you guys should know by now, a girl who can think of something as dumb as the Da Tou Tie 10 Lian Pai, must be a really bored person, and when she's bored, she'll go crazy. On top of that, her Laoban must deal with her lack of sleep. Lack of sleep will induce this girl to either go crazier or more pissed. Since during this production period things were fun, Joan didn't get pissed, she just got crazy.

More about the production.
Lack of sleep, tight schedules, imminent deadlines, rising tempers all could not stop Joan from going crazy cos staging a production is fun. Even though all those friends who promised that they'd come didn't turn up in the last minute, there was still her that group of almost as crazy Chinese Drama mates there by her side. Kudos to you guys!

Let's analyse the couple of days in the theatre together...
Joan was in red during the production and on her first day, things were bad. But everybody was nice about it and well, since I was doing sounds, it wasn't that tough on me. luckily...

Okay okay... But to my dear Laoban...

After suffering under my hands over the past week, he is long due a good apology.

What did this girl do to him?
Actually, I didn't really do much. I just took the above shown pictures of him despite him hating to be photographed. And I just followed him around wherever he went. That's just about it. Only.

Reasons for my torturing of him (if you consider that as torturing):
- He didn't stop me from doing it. Maybe he did, but he wasn't that insistent on me not doing it, so I thought that he was merely acting shy, so I didn't give him the hoots and continued disturbing him.
- I was high from the lack of sleep. Well, not sleeping can make Joan do funny things just like alcohol can make some people do funny things. So this lack of sleep coupled with not having a clear state of mind led to joan disturbing poor Laoban.

Hmm... Think that's about it. Don't really think it reasontes me disturbing him, but still, not that I'm in a much clearer state of mind, think I was a little too childish ba. haha~ No offense hor Laoban!

Why did I start calling him Laoban?
Can't remember. Just like I can't remember when had I started calling Zhangting Zhangting shushu. But it sure wasn't too long ago.

Now, back on track with the tribute. In any tribute there should be a long list of the goodness of the person in the tribute, so this is my list of the amazing things of my Laoban.

Amazing things Joan seen in He Honghui:

- His pirating abilities.
Laoban is the biggest pirate I've ever seen. he can find and download anything you want him to find. His collection of songs, movies, serials, OSTs, and whatever stuff that can be downloaded from online is just wide wide wide. That is something that never cease to amaze this girl.

- His help to Joan.
When Joan was asked to do the sound for Rongrong's play, she had nothing to start of with. Joan collection of music is nowhere near 1% of that of Laoban's, so naturally she turned to her Laoban and cried, "Laoban... How?" Laoban immediately passed on a little portion of songs over to Joan to listen, but how did he do that? This is the amazing part. He uploaded the songs on his own site and gave me the link. I can just download all the songs from that link, just like that. Oh, did I mention that Laoban is the biggest pirate ever?

- His sound editing.
He can edit sounds just like Xiaxue can do photoshop. No wait, I think it should be, Laoban can edit sounds better than Xiaxue can do photoshop. Yup... His from School of Computing, so I guess there are some things that Joan can only look up in awe of her Laoban. And yes, have I mentioned that he's just the biggest pirate ever?

- His sounds.
His sound designing won loads of praise from the audience. The audience all liked his sound designing. The music he chose. And everything. Yup... In view of this wide support he got from the masses, he did up an OST! like way cool~ We'd have thought that he'd burn CDs and sell, but as we all know he's the king of downloads so naturally his OSt was put up on his site and he just gave the link to people to download the music themselves. Like amazing... And yup, he's just the biggest pirate ever.

- His mild temper.
Really, who can stand a hyper Joan for a day? Not many people, much less a week. And the fact that my Laoban survived without Joan coming to harm shows that he's just that amazing, right? Really, now thinking back, I'd have killed myself if what I'd did was to myself. haha~ So good that my Laoban can stand me. And of course, I must add on that my Laoban is like the biggest biggest pirate anyone can imagine.

So, after hearing the amazing qualities of my dearest Laoban, I'd like to ask if there are any takers? Do take a look at his pics in the link above and drop me a buzz via anyway, emails, msg or what you can think of to contact me.

Hmm... I'm thinking if I should put up his email and/or hp number so that you can contact him yourselves or not, but I think better not ba... Later this blog will end with this post then cham liao. hehe~ Yup... Remember interested parties do contact me!

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