Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Welcoming the all new jal5eva...

As most of my friends would have known by now, my Yahoo! account was gobbled up by Yahoo! themselves. I think they don't like me or something... boohoo~ Anyway, I've been contacting their customer service and hopefully able to get things sorted out as soon as possible. *cross fingers*

The long story behind the loss of my account, in narrative form:

It was a dark night, the time was past 1am, Joan was online chatting, surfing the net and clearing her emails. Then suddenly her Yahoo! mail notifier dropped her a mail notification, the heading of that new incoming mail stated that it came from Yahoo! customer service, and that she've changed my password. On seeing that mail notification, she totally panicked. She dropped what she was doing and went to read that mail.

The mail didn't say much except that her password has been changed and she was to use her new password to sign into Yahoo! now. But the new password was not stated, and it was also not reversible. Joan really freaked out this time. She had not changed her password nor did anything about it. Immediately she tried to log into her account information see if she can changed back her password anot, but she can't enter her account information page as her original password was wrong.

There left Joan all alone online, not daring to do anything, not daring to log out of her Yahoo! fearing the she might not be able to log back in again. She tried going through the forget password page over and over agin, but still to no avail. Luckily her Yahoo! messenger was signed in at that time and she still had access to her address book and her online friends.

As the night was late, there wasn't any one online that might be able to help Joan except yup, you know who you are! hehe~ Let me give you a big huggies when I see you okay? Thanks for being there, calming me down, telling me what I should do instead of freaking out. Thank you! I think if not for you, I wouldn't have saved all my email addresses of my friends. hai... oh no... This is supposed to e a narrative, damn... I went off course again, better go back to where I was.

So thanks to the presence of Joan's friend, she managed to send emails to all of her old friends warning them of her plight and to note that Joan is no longer jal4eva. At every word she typed, her heart bled. The nick she used for 9 years under Yahoo! was just disappearing under her nose. She felt her heart just break into pieces just like that.

That night, Joan didn't dare to sleep. She left her laptop on throughout the night and her account, whatever left of it anyway to be left signed in. She was hoping that it was all a farce and when it's the next day, the nightmare would be over. Alas, that was only her wishful thinking. The next day, after fiddling with her account more, her Yahoo! mail log in session expired. She now could no longer access her email. She leaned onto her messenger even more. She was so afraid of signing out of her messenger cos that would mean that she would have jal4eva buried 4eva.

That's when friends come into the picture. Joan is so lucky that she always have a bunch of friends she can count on. Even though it's only a hug or an affirmation, it's enough for this girl. Even if it's only half an hour or 45 min, just the thought that you were there counted eternity. Another big thank you to you who whisked me off from the virtual nightmare and put in reality in my life. Also feel like giving you this big big huggies~ hehe~ Come collect it from me the next time you see me ba! haha...

So, thanks to this friend of hers, Joan shut down her computer and proceeded on with life. She now came to terms that this problem wasn't to be solved in a matter of hours, it would need days, weeks, even months to solve this problem. And in the meantime, she can rely on the fact that her friends are there with her and she had salvaged most of what she wanted to salvage.

that night, the paranoid Joan absolutely refused to touch her own laptop. At every sight of her laptop came back painful memories of the jal4eva of the past. She went to her sister's computer instead and used it. She set up another Yahoo! account.


Please no giggles, no sniggers, no comments on it. Get used to it ba... I'm starting to get so used to it that I'm thinking of opening a gmail account and a hotmail account of that nick. And maybe to set up another blog with the url jal5eva. lol~

I think I'm growing up. I'm slowly evolving, into a more critical, more mature person. Maybe this change in my nick will signify a change of me from a girl to a woman. No longer that dumb little girl too lazy to use her brains, now a confident power woman who can hold up half the sky. hehe...

Before I forget, the links by the side of my blog. My Yahoo! 360 under jal4eva is still there. When you click onto it, you can still see my big face, but I can't update it or do anything to it except look at it. I've a new 360, thanks to my friend for inviting me back it, at jal5eva. Yup, will be leaving the jal4eva one there too as a memorial, but pls do click on the jal5eva one if you want to see me. It's the same face actually, didn't changed the pics. hehe~ And my Yahoo! photo albums under jal4eva. There's nothing I can do about it. Actually, I wanted to privatise my laoban's album cos not very nice mah, put his cute face, body, particular anatomies online like that, but since I can't change the settings now, well, sorry laoban~ The Yahoo! photos are still valid. I won't be transferring the photos over to my new album, but when I start cresting new albums, they will go into my jal5eva photo albums instead.

Long big chunk of words~ oh well...

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