Wednesday, May 04, 2005

blogging and more blogging

I'm just going to spend my whole day blogging today. Maybe as I type out each word I can put my mind onto something else, and not think of all those painfull stuff. After catching a flu from two nights straight of crying, I don't think I can afford anymore tears. I can't imagine what else can I catch from more crying.

I'll separate the posts unlike the last post cos that was really wordy. Sometimes I wonder how many people actually read my blog. I don't know how to track the number of people who read my blog, where they got my address from or anything. MSN spaces has a statistics feature which allows you to tell how many people visited your space and when did they do it. It also comes with a referring address, telling you how did people come to know of your space. I've got two referring addresses from here before, so I know at least there are two people reading my blog. Or maybe, that two people are reading only the side column of my blog. My blog is too wordy for people to read it whole.

I know quite a number of my friends hate reading my blog. They think I write too much and it's really taxing for them to read it. Most said they would just glanc through my blog and see if there's anything interesting. Well, at least I know those girls are still visiting my blog. Other than that clique of girls, I don't really know who else might be reading this blog. I've placed my blog address almost everywhere, on everyone of my profile pages, anyone glancing through any of my profile pages can visit my blog, but the key is how many do it on a regular basis?

I don't have a comments column because of the template of this blogskin, I don't have a tagboard because most tagboards end up with nonsense anyway, but I did placed my email and MSN at the side column for people reading my blog to contact me.

For me to so opening put up my feelings, I do hope people can too openly share their feelings about me. Via MSN, via email, just drop me a short note or something, maybe?

But then again, am I really opening up my true feelings and emotions? Not really. Cos I have people like my sister reading my blog, so everything must be calculated before posting, if not she's be a big busybody and ask this ask that. And I never ask her anything she placed in her blog. And also, I don't want to seem particularly vulnerable to the said person whom I might mention when totally poring my feelings like that.

Recently there has been a debate, is a blog private or public. Can we make irresponsible remarks on our blog without having to bear responibility for it? A blog is essentially an online diary, so it's private, but as it is online, the public is able to view it, hence it can also serve as a communication tool so some people argue that it's public. My view, a blog is something public, but we should have the freedom of speech.

From above, we can tell that the domain is not a Singapore one, so we should not be bounded by Singapore's laws and regulations of restrictions to our freedom of speech. For the poor PSC scholar who got into trouble for posting racist comments on his blog, I must say that he should be innocent. You can write what you want, you can have your own thoughts and everything, ultimately, if no one else believes the same way as you do, then you'll still lose out.

My wise dad told this story, "In the land of the blind, the person with one eye is god." then he asked me if it's true. I said yes. He said no. "In the land of the blind, the person with one eye is mad." If everybody is blind, and you say you can see, nobody will believe you cos you are not like them. Nobody knows what it's like to see, so why are you different, unless you are a freak. This is what I would term it as a majority syndrome.

Same thing applies here, you can say whatever you want, you will either be accepted or not. If you are accepted then it means that you have a valid point to argue, if you are not accepted, then no matter what you write will have no use on others, people will just treat you as a freak. My point is that, the Singapore government should not have restrictions on freedom of speech, unless they really think that one person's comments can affect other people. If this is the case, then there is some inherent problem with our system, and this shouldn't be blamed on that poor scholar.

Of course, me siding with the scholar is just a move to proceed with my own agenda. Yes, I have my own agenda up my sleeve. For those people who have know me for a longer period of time would know that I'm a racist. If you have followed my blog for quite some time, you should have noticed that I too have some rather racist posts, check out 26 November 2004. That is really racist. But I am not going to compromise on my principles and take it off my blog. I'm not a scholar so the government can't do anything to me. If they want to, just lock me up in some barracks in Sentosa for 10 years la. If they think locking up someone for 10 years can miraculously change a person's mindset and thinking, then they must really look down ont he power of the human brain.

I hate the government for spoon feeding us, but I hate it more when there are actually people who like this ideological spoon feeding. I mean, I appreciate the government to provide for our economy, our social life, but to try and indoctrinate us, brainwash us, and fiddle with our mind, no way!

*envisioning Joan spending 10 years of her life in Sentosa, but not at the beach, kind of sad*

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