Tuesday, May 24, 2005

More Updates on My Script

More Updates on My Script

I've the complete flow of my play out but sadly it's only out in my head. I'll be writing them out then transferring it into soft copy form by Wednesday. I'd cleared up the doubts between Copernicus and Galileo with the help of kind Kristy, so all that's left is research on that Ming dynasty emperor.

But I still can't think of an appropriate title for my play. It has to be something cheem cheem yet short and catchy. haha... I've high expectations, so I guess the title won't be out that soon. I'm more concerned over the names of my characters. I cannot possibly pull off a Wong Kar Wai in which my characters won't be named, but what can I name them? Let's see, I've this cute character already named. Little Peanut, gender unspecified. I'd need two more names for my two leading men, and another name for the protagonist, gender unspecified but most probably a male.

I'm foreseeing quite a bit of gender bending in this play cos it seems like every character could be played by either gender, including that of Copernicus, Galileo and that emperor. My only request is that my two leading men must be male. They can both be female, but I'm damn adverse to that situation, makes my hair stand sia. *shivers* If you want them to be one male one female, it's not impossible, but I'll have to cook up a different plot to accommodate this scenario. *sian* So I need my two leading men.

I don't want to plan too far for this play in terms of production ability or actors capability, I mean, this is but a script written, not necessarily to be used for actual staging.

But I'm proud to say that my this play incorporates a really wide variety of stuff without looking that scattered. The main theme is still tightly knitting the whole play together. I've have something abstract, flashes from the past, historical evidence, science fiction, hypothesis, black humour, treason, a controversy, a twist, and my favourite, a romantic love story~

So looking forward to nurturing my baby to maturity... Watch this space for more updates~

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