Sunday, May 22, 2005

An Update on my Script

An update on my script...

Last night I was feeling at an emotional low, especially after my friend dumped me alone online, I was one piece of wreck. Some amateurs say that feeling emotional can inspire them to write better, but I'm no amateur, writing under emotional pressure will only produce an piece of writing that cannot be substantiated. Once the spark of inspiration goes, there's no way I can continue with my writing, so I wasn't about to write when I'm emotional.

Luckily, after blogging out my thoughts last night, I sorted out my emotions and was feeling a lot better. That got me motivated to carry on with my script. I had already thought about the last quarter to fit into my script, all I needed to do was to pull them together, and think of a blase ending. And as I wrote out the outline of my script, the ending came naturally into me. Viola! Suddenly, I've a whole skeleton of a script staring at me in my face.

My piece of drama is one with 3 acts of 7 scenes in total. I tweaked my main theme and sub theme to make it more focused, and concentrated my ideas to fit my theme. I threw away my previous ideas which did not come in line with my theme.

Well, I guess you must want to know what is the plot of my drama. It's pretty abstract, in that the plot should be the theme of the drama. I wouldn't say what's the theme to keep you guys in suspense, but key figures of my drama are Copernicus, Galileo, a Ming Emperor, and what I always say I wanted. A romantic love story~ with a twist...

And by the way, I'd like to reach out to everyone to do me a favour. I'll be researching on firstly, Copernicus, so if anyone has any interesting knowledge about him, please forward them to me. Another would be Galileo. And the last and more complicated person would be a Ming Chinese Emperor. He's the emperor whose concubines together plotted to assassinate him. I need to know who he is and whether the assassination attempt was successful or not. For the love story, I need ideas on how two people can fall in love with each other in a span of 5 stage minutes. It cannot be cliched, so I'm ruling out love at first sights. And before they fall in love, they are already friends. And they cannot get together because of any previous breakups. Yup... That's my requests. Throw me some ideas people!

Yup... Till I pull the whole escapade together~

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