Saturday, May 28, 2005

A Whole New Feel

I redid my blog. I guess the previous one was getting stale although I must say it was one of the blogskins that I thought best suited my character. Still I like the features of this new skin. Nice and simple, without any fuss and mess. Well, do drop me comments about this skin. I've just got that comment feature enabled. Do make use of it.

Another thing is that some people have complained to me that my font size is too small, so I make it bigger. Hope it's now easy on your eyes. Yup... Still not happy with it? Drop me comments.

Another thing, cos I changed some of the font colour in my previous posts so reading them might be hard on your eyes. A trick is to move the cursor over the words highlighting them. That would make reading easier. I really don't want you people to spoil your eyes on poor little Joan.

Still think this blog is a little empty. I'd like to put my title emblazoned across the top. There's a little space for that, but I'm not good with html stuff. Anybody willing to help me? Leave me a message any kind soul.

In the next couple of days before I fly, you can expect Joan to experiment more with this blog, but once I finalised the thingie, that will be it for at least quite some time. hehe~ Just feel free to drop me comments about this new blogskin. I welcome all types of constructive criticisms... But of course, I'm still the vulnerable Joan so don't shoot me too hard hor...

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