Monday, June 13, 2005

Otto von Bismarck

Otto von Bismark
Gedanken und Erinnerungen

Finally lay my hands upon it! After years of pining... And it's the Deutsch version one somemore! wahaha~ Too bad I don't think I can understand much of it, but it shall be my motivation. All for him~ wahaha~

It set me back by €24,90, but I can say it's damn worth it cos it's hard cover and, it's my dream to own it! wahaha~ I'm still delirious with joy, oh my oh my... I paid for it with Masters so didn't really feel the pinch of the money leaving my hands, but for BISMARCK, it's well worth it! I must say!

I got myself a red retro, funky minidress on Saturday when I was at Colmar, France! Well, the idea that I was in France gave me an excuse to spend money, to buy fashion! woohoo~ I wanted to pay by Masters cos I thought the pain of money leaving me wouldn't be that great, but well, my Masters couldn't get through so I ended up paying my Euros.

I felt so dumb when I first stepped into Colmar. I was thinking that I couldn't buy anything cos I didn't change francs with me. Then I stopped and wondered where could I go get francs changed. Then it finially dawned on me that hey... Europe's all using the Euros and what I have with me isn't Marks but Euros. *pengz* Think I'm still living in Bismarckenzeit... wahaha~

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