Friday, July 01, 2005

shopaholic let lost in the streets of freiburg

This is a list of stuff Joan bought during her one month stay in Freiburg. This list doesn't include any necessities and are all purely a result of her hard core shopping.

Joan started out her hard core shopping in Colmar, France where she bought a red dress from Cache Cache. That set Joan back by €22,90, paid for in cash. Then in the same day, Joan got some small gifts for friends from Sephora, shall not disclose the amount I spent cos later zou read my blog then you know how much I spent on you, I'll feel awkward.

Then 13 June, Joan bought Bismarck's memoirs, think most of the people here who read my blog would know this already, so I shall not elaborate, just a mentioned that I charged €24,90 to my Masters because of that.

When Joan was in Europa Park, Joan also did a little gift shopping there, buzing Mercedes car models. Not disclosing the price, cos that will make me feel awkward again. And speaking of Mercedes, I got a letter from them thanking me for my participation in their competition, in short, I didn't win it. I got Mercedes caps from them which I was pretty disgusted about and my dad was quick to want make claim for it, but I said no matter how ugly the cap is, it was still my effort that make me want to like the cap.

On 24 June, I went to Galeria Kaufhof and bought a Germany tricolour national tank top for €30. I shall wear that and go for football matches even if I have to watch them on screen.

25 June, Joan and Deborah went absolutely wild with shopping. But Joan cannot be beaten, after all Deborah was going to Paris and she can do more shopping there, but for Freiburg, Joan really showed Deborah how to spend money.
foot wraps and toe socks from Galeria Kaufhof
World Cup miracle scarf from the same place
two pairs of Birkenstocks from a shoe shop, one was the normal one strap kind, pink in colour, for €24,90. the other was a pair of white covered toes, with a back strap, leather, that was more expensive, €68,90, but compare that you cannot get it here, I think it is pretty worthwhile.
a World Cup pullover, €25 from Karstadt Sports
several World Cup pins, as gifts
a Nici pink dolphin handbag, for my sister, even though I think I might be using it more often than her, from Karstadt
last purchase on that day, a Zippo lighter for my Ah Gong, engraved with a Schwarzwald mädchen.

And if you were thinking that day of shopping could put Joan to rest, then you are so very wrong. The next day, Joan went back to town by herself and got the following stuff.
5 packets of 1kg gummibears, but one packet got lost in transit. WTF...
several big gummibears as gifts. I have given one to my sister and she was drooling over it, she came to me and said she heard the gummibear calling out to her to eat it.
a Nici Lillebi bag for myself
a Nici Lillebi towel for my mum
a Nici Lillebi coin purse for my maternal grandma
a Nici jelly bag on sale, €8 only, so for Joan, it was a must buy
a World Cup something for Jinwei cos his birthday is in July. Why did I say a something? Cos I havent told him what I got for him. hehe...
some German grammar books for myself to practise

And that was not all, the next day, I bought 3 Nici Lillebi hair accessories for me and my sis. Yup... that was Joan let loose in Freiburg.

Altogether, Joan spent €163,90 in cash and €237 charged to her Masters, which makes that a grand total of €400,90. Considering that this amount does not include food and stuff, Joan grand total of spending in Germany, and Colmar came close to S$1000. BUT that is within my budget, so I am fine peeps. I guess. And I am happy, so who cares.

Let's see, on food, Portofino Eis and Würst from the Münsterplatz, Nordsee, Potatoland, yup, I should be coming close to €500 in all, although I think I have yet exceeded my budget. I shall wait for my Masters statement to come in before I say anything more ba... Till then, help me cross your fingers.

a PS: my suitcase weighed 47.5kg. Yes, it was that bad, and I threw alway like everything before coming back.

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rozana said...

u bought a world cup something for jinwei? but he is not even a fan of football. haha wonder how he will react...