Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Freiburg Noch Einmal

nice picture of everything including a frame by the leaves

Come April, if nothing goes wrong, I'll be back there again!

At first, my first choice was Heidelberg, second was Munich, Freiburg was only my third choice, so when I got Freiburg, I was a tingie little bit upset and disappointed, but really, thinking it through again, going back to Freiburg would mean all these once more again!

Europa Park~
I so want to go back there again, this time going for all the rides if possible, and take more photos, and spend more time there...

Haagan Daz, Movenpick, really who cares when I can have PORTOFINO!!!

And with the reliable German train system, I can always take the train to Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Stutgart, or even to Munich, no problem. World Cup matches~ wahaha~ I can also go down to France, Switz, Italy without much problem too. This is so great~

Because of the preparation of this thing, I've been pretty busy. I'm sorry those people who've seen me around in school and want to stop and chat with me only to hear me say, "sorry, I'm in a hurry". Last week I was busy getting the application through, read
but this week, got the results of my application so got to run errands again...

The letter came in on a Friday, and it reads...

Dear Student,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected by the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences for the Student Exchange Programme (SEP) to the Assigned Partner University (stated against your name).

Please refer to the 'Selection Results for SEP, Semester 2, AY2005-06' available online at the Faculty's SEP website http://www.fas.nus.edu.sg/undergrad/sep/2_selection_0506_uni_wide.htm. Check the results carefully as you may be selected under the University/Faculty/Departmental-wide selection list.

You must inform us by Monday 15 August 2005, 12noon, if you would like to accept this offer by replying to this email. If we do not receive your confirmation, we will assume that you do not wish to take up this SEP offer.

If you accept this offer, your next step would be to apply to and prepare the documents needed for the Assigned Partner University immediately. Please prepare the following documents and submit to the Dean's Office latest by Friday 19 August 2005, 5:00PM.

Item 1-3 should be applied ASAP as it will take a few working days for the offices to process your request.

Original NUS Transcript: You have to apply for the transcript from the Registrar’s Office; either personally or online through the Registrar’s Office website at http://www.nus.edu.sg/registrar/info/transcript.htm. Do not send your transcripts directly to the partner university.

Certification of Financial Resource: This certification must be a letter from a bank. If your parent(s) are sponsoring you for the SEP, the letter should state your parent(s) name, your name and the amount in the account. A copy of the balance statement is not acceptable.
You are advised to check the partner university’s website for estimated cost details. If it is not provided, the financial resources required are subject to the country and local conditions at the partner university - this may range from approximately S$10,000 to S$15,000 per semester.
A sample of the certification is available at https://team.nus.edu.sg/registrar/info/ug/SEP_Cert_FR.pdf.
Note: This is only a sample. Banks do have their own format so it is not necessary to follow this exact sample, but all important details must be stated.
Students receiving scholarship/award for SEP must also provide the certification of financial resources.

3. Original Endorsement Letter for SEP from Scholarship Awarding Organisation: Only applicable if you have a scholarship/award (i.e. MOE Teaching Award etc…)
A sample of the endorsement letter is available at https://team.nus.edu.sg/registrar/info/ug/SEPsampleltr.doc. Note: This is only a sample. Organisations will have their own format so it is not necessary to follow this exact sample.

4. Copy of your 'A' level certificates (result slips not accepted). Please print double-sided (front & back). 5. 2 Letters of Recommendation: Letters written by family, relatives or friends will not be accepted. At least one of the two referees must be a lecturer/tutor in NUS.

6. Assigned Partner University’s application: Please come to the Dean’s Office to collect the application forms of the partner university. Check the partner university’s website for more details & information.

7. Passport Particulars Page: If you had renewed your passport expiry date, please also make a copy of the new expiry date.

8. Any other documents/information required by the partner university (additional photographs, additional copies of the forms, resume etc…)

Important Notes
Students are reminded to read carefully the Instructions & Conditions for the SEP (especially 'Responsibilities') http://www.nus.edu.sg/registrar/undergraduate/sep/responsibilities.htm.
Read the notice on Maximum Number of Credit Transfer for SEP students:
Cohort 2004 onwards http://www.fas.nus.edu.sg/undergrad/sep/credit_transfer04.htm Cohort 2001-2003 http://www.fas.nus.edu.sg/undergrad/sep/credit_transfer01.htm
Read the FAQ (Overseas SEP) http://www.fas.nus.edu.sg/docs/sep/faq_sep.htm as well as the Tips for students going on SEP http://www.fas.nus.edu.sg/undergrad/sep/select_fass.htm.

If you have any enquiries, please email them to Ms Rona Foo (Faculty SEP Administrator) at fasfoor@nus.edu.sg.
Sharon Lee National University of Singapore l Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Dean's Office Tel: 68746331 l Fax: 67766010 l Email: faslsy@nus.edu.sg

Note, they sent this letter on a Friday and expect us to have everything ready by the next Friday. This should explain my frenzied hurry everytime people see me around the school ba...

The running about came on Monday. I had lessons at 10am, but was up and about at 9am printing notes and sending emails to my professors and trying to call up TJC. Then I rushed off for classes, the 10am lecture ended late so I had to rush off for my 12pm German class, then later went over to meet Dr Turner, then to the Dean's Office, and the Registra's Office, on the way I was lucky to meet Prof Farrell, and managed to call up Mr Thompson, before having another class at 4pm which I was 15 min late for.

One whole day I had not manage to get a single crumb of anything nor a single drop of anything into my mouth, but thankfully, Jinwei managed to help me not only to chope a place (if not I'd have to squat on the floor) and get me some food, just a pity he didn't have any water, if not he'd be my god for the rest of the day.

Then today I went down to TJ again to get Mr Thompson to write me a recommendation letter. Met Ms Leong and Ms Lim and Xu Laoshi there too. Ms Leong had cut her hair really short and funky, making her look much younger than her real age. Ms Lim sends her regards to everybody... yup... Feel so nice and cool going back and catching up with the teachers again. Nothing seems to have changed much, and I love it that way~

Now, looking forward to more things that have not changed, Portofino and Europa Park~

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