Thursday, August 18, 2005

Picking Up Some Pieces

Yesterday was another fruitful day. Fruitful as in I gave myself no time to wallow up in any form of self-pity and not let my rough patch affect me in any way or so. This is a good thing.

To chronicle my yesterday, I start off with rushing off for an 8am lecture which was still pretty okay. During my lecture, at exactly 9am sharp, I took out my lappie and logged in to CORS. Everything seemed perfectly fine, until I got to choosing my slots, the server was unavailable. I almost freaked out. But after pressing the refresh button, I got to be able to rank my choices.

Then the server became unavailable again.

Then it remained unavailable all the way until my lecture ended at 10am, and I still continued waiting while squatting outside AS1 where the smokers gathered and inhaled in stale cigarette while whining and freaking and crying out to everyone online. People came to help me of course. Thanks to MG, NG, UMB and all those online who had tried to help me. Not the use of tried cos we hadn't achieved much. My batt was running low, I needed to run over to the bank to get my certificate of financial resources. And then yup, my batt died on me.

Then appeared my fairy godmother. Sorry NG, you might be mica's god, but without my batt, I had to seek help from someone not dealing with IT, and that was my fairy godmother. ALways there to help me out of tight spots. Listen to me whine and cry about my rough patch, having to endure all my pains and not telling me off. And also as my "ATM machine" (that's how he puts it) "don't need deposit, withdraw can liao le". Fairy godmother managed to get his tutorial ballotings through, and he helped me get mine through too!

Okay, back on the chronicles of yesterday. I went to think bank and got the person to help me request for that certificate thingie. And if you are thinking, yes I do have the bloody cash so come rob me... bleahz... I might be prerennially indebted to my fairy godmother, or atm, or whoever, but in fact i'm just a lazy old pig who thinks the atms are too far off away. Actually I have two accounts. One for storing money which I don't have an atm card for for that particular reason, and another for withdrawing money. The latter has only $198 in the bank, which is not really a bad thing because I've been showing everyone my receipt and I know no one would want to rob me. They can't rob me for the other account cos there's no way they can get the money from there. The account is frozen. So actually, I'm not really that rich after all...

After coming back from the bank, I tried to find computers but couldn't. So I met up witht he girls for lunch. woohoo~ Yingling bought me a handphone accessory from Japan, I got her erm... nothing much from Germany, but it's okay, come next july when I get back she'll def have a big gift provided she's still around la... haha~ Talked about the old days with the girls. To those who don't know, Ms Leong cut her hair "funkily short" and spiked it and she looks younger than me. Then I hung out with Eunice before going for the European Studies Society welcome tea.

I went there only because Dr Turner sort of coerced me into going. He told me to go there and meet exchanged students and students who had just came back from exchange programme in preparation for mt upcoming trip. It was sort of a fruitful trip down to the welcome tea although I won't really be devoting that much time to the society, but I think their events that they are organising are quite cool. I met this guy, who came back from Heidelberg (the seond one le! not fair), and another guy going to Paris. This Finnish guy who's supposed to be a computer nerd but he looks damn funky lor~ along with his pierced eye brow... An enigmatic Scandiniavian. I also chatted with these two freshies, told them about my course of study, gave them some tips. Made me feel so damn old.

The day ended with me so satisfied with myself. My rough patch turned up again in the afternoon, yet I was able to take it up put it down and carry on with life. This is good. In fact, it's better than good. All the new friends I've made, all the old friends I still keep, and a fairy godmother, I don't really think I need another rough patch.

Picking up the pieces, carrying on with life... I was in the lift last night, and I said this to myself, "Joan! Yes, you can do it!" I know I can. I'm stronger than I let on.

And CORS, screw you, I got all of my first choice tutorials, will be on with a three day week this semester, but I still hate you for causing that much distress. And NG, if you ever dare "flicker a few switches", I'll make sure when i turn into a ghost I'll haunt you till never dare touch a computer anymore. So what if mica calls you god... bleahz... hehe~

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