Monday, September 05, 2005

A Friend

I met a friend this afternoon. So what's so interesting about meeting friends since we meet friends in school every day every hour? It's the nature of this friend that makes life interesting. And also I think it's because I've nothing to write about these few days, so shall ramble about this friend here. My is more active lastely cos been boggled by all those rough patches problems, but that's not the point today.

Hmm... Just thinking, should I name that friend? Maybe for an element of suspense I shall withold that friend's name then decide later if I want to reveal his name or not.

I met him in one of my classes last semester. Technically there isn't anything interesting about meeting new friends in classes every semester every module, but it was what he first said to me that left me a very strong impression on him. His first sentence to me was "You are Joan right? I agree with what you think about the Red Cross aid of the tsunami." I went blur. Yes, he first knew me by reading my blog which I had written about the tsunami disaster and the involvement of the Red Cross Society. The entry I'd written is here, can take a look at my amazing writing.

As the class went on over the semester I found this friend to be one very interesting guy. He seems to be everything rolled up into one package. he can be chauvinistic, arrogant, metrosexual, sensitive, full of shit and bullshit, smart, clever, witty, overtly self-assured, and whatever adjetives you can think of, he is everything. I've never met a metrosexual chauvinist ever and this guy is really the guy man... I'm so disgusted that I became so amazed. hehe~

So why did I mention about meeting him today. Well, he got this new hair cut. He spent over $300 on his hair, which looked as beautiful as a balding skunk anyway. Should have taken a picture of it sia... But I was too busy gawking over his hair that I totally forgot about taking pictures.

Anyway, I'm thinking of doing something to my hair, again. This time I think I won't want to spend a freaking $160 for something that doesn't look like a $160 haircut, but I don't know what I want to do. Long straight tresses has always been my trademark, but recently due to stress and frustrations, I've been losing hair, gaining dandruff and getting splitends. I don't think I'll want to colour or perm my hair, but I don't know what haircut should I go for.

Any suggestions?


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