Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Goodbye Zhangting!

Goodbye Zhangting Shushu~
the cam-whore is back part i

Zhangting and Joan...

With a whole slew of Zhangtings coming up next...
Zhangting and Jinwei

Zhangting and Xiaoping

Chenqing and Zhangting...
How come this picture Zhangting not standing on the left leh? Hmm... Maybe Chenqing special ba... wahaha~

Zhangting and Weijia

Zhangting and Wanjing

Zhangting and Honghui
My Laoban and his Laoban... The battle of the Laobans~ wahaha~

Zhangting and Kaixin

Zhangting and Xiuming

The reason why there are so many of Zhangting's pictures is not that he is very popular with us but because these are from Zhangting's camera, so naturally he was going to whore in his camera, isn't he? hehe~ Nah... Give him more credit ba... (and a joke he always like to use, "thank you for the money (credit=money)"... hehe~) Don't know when would be the next time we would see each other again... Of course, there is still a possibility that I might have time to send him off on his flight, but you know what I mean...

Okay, now for the rest of the whoring pictures...
Joan and Zhichun, their normal selves, so act cute~

I cannot resist putting up a shuai picture of my dearest Jinwei. wahaha~ Why is he suddenly do deep in thought? What is he talking about that Joan and Kenny got so wrapped up with him? What is it that even the cold cold Laoban Honghui couldn't resist peering over at Jinwei?

The dinner table part i

The dinner table part ii

The dinner table part i+ii=iii

The remnants of the old committee

Zhangting and the new committee, or whatever's there of it.
Can you just see the difference in the energy level of the two committees? It's easy to tell which is the younger batch, isn't it? hahaha~

If you need more proof, here it is...
Zhangting and the new committee

The last photo with Zhangting Shushu...

The dinner was disappointing. I mean, dinner at Rice Table, and I don't take spicy food. It's ironic that we were eating at Rice Table as Zhangting's farewell, cos Zhangting himself is not a spicy food eater, or not a big one. But he did eat himself full, after all it was pretty much like the fabled last meal. hehehe~ It was a pretty interesting dinner as I found out that someone I thought I knew very well was also a non-spicy food eater which kinda surprised me. Everyone knows that I don't touch spicy food, but I didn't expect that many people to be also non-spicy food eaters as me. At least, not that big eater and fan of vanilla ice...

Okay, I'm digressing. I'm supposed to be talking about Zhangting! He's the subject~ He's Da Man~ The man who single handedly brought up Chinese Drama. I might be disappointed with its turnout, but there's no denying that he was the one who brought me into the nucleus of the club and brought me to regain my passion for drama. It'd be sad to see him leave. But well, he does have his reasons, and I will support him all the way!

All the best~

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ct said...

haha... just happened to surf by. Thanks for dedicating a blog for me. :)

Read some of your recent blogs. Wow! hahaha... interesting. Looking at the good side of the things you'd said, I m glad to find myself having influenced you in a positive way. That's a compliment. And it's flattering that you said I brought up the club single-handed. But I can't take this credit because I didn't. It's all of us who had stayed and worked to make this happened. I did do alot but definitely not a single-handed effort and I am glad that it wasn't too! :)

Joan, you are a special gal in the club, the one who doesn't speak Chinese but still won't mind even when told to try. I thought you were merely showing lip service in the welcome tea when we chatted. So I was kinda surprised to see you coming for lessons weeks after weeks. Nice to see someone who wasn't afraid to be the odd one. Then in camp, you showed me that you listened to critism and responded to it. So I tot, this pampered gal wasn't totally spoilt. Hahaha...

Sometimes, others would say this and that abt you. But I believed I know you better than your complaints and the attitudes that you showed. So I just shaked those off. And you proved you could work well in the control room! Though I did see the laziness set in here and there... Ok la... I closed one eye. I m lazy myself too. Hahaha... :P

Well, I think you are smart too… well-read, knowledgeable. But I think smart people give themselves too much to think about. I remembered I got myself into a big depression period in JC… often thinking why was I doing all this and that? (OOOooppsss… am I implying I m smart?!? :P ) WELL… that left me horrible grades after 2 years. Haha. I guess we all go through a period of “thoughts-sorting” in which we would look at things with extreme measures. But now… looking back at those years… I was thinking… what was I doing? I think we are constantly changing, which include our sets of values and principles. What I used to hold on so dearly doesn’t have the same importance anymore. So now, I would ask myself: would I be so sure that what I m doing is right or wrong when I look back at it tomorrow? I really don’t know. I think I can only draw conclusions with my current mindset. Tomorrow, I maybe slapping my own face.

Sometimes, I do agree with your views in certain issues (for example, having a single play for production). But agreeing doesn’t mean going along with you. Life is a bigger stage than a drama stage. Living life is an art too. We don’t always get what we want. In fact, we seldom do. Be grateful when it does and be hopeful when it doesn’t. 4 years back, when I joined Xiju, nobody listened to what I said. Now, at least some went in others’ heads. Having others listened to me does not come right from the start. I learnt it. I earned it. Dividends come after investments. Hear the hearts and concerns of others and one day, your heart will be heard too. It worked for me. I m sure it works for everyone.

I truly believe that you can continue to give your best to the club. It is ok to take timeouts and grumble a bit here and there… who doesn’t? :P I know you see yourself as someone on a mission when you take up the role in committee. Don’t give this up though sometimes things don’t go your ways. The direction of the club isn’t what I had foreseen but I still believe it can continue to grow in the path you all have chosen to take. Your batch is still fresh. Yes, it is. But I see the potential in some of you to be great drama people. All you need is the chance to learn. You all are great learners. Be patient. Give yourself a year or 2. If you really love drama, you can definitely wait to see the results. You are still young… Give yourself a chance to do something meaningful for others. So, when you grow to my age and look back… you won’t have to ask yourself, “what was I doing?”

Good luck Joan! :)