Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Girls' Outing!

An outing with the girls~
the cam-whore is back part ii

I'm dividing this post into sections denotated by colour because I'm really going to have losts of pictures to post up. Credit goes to Eunice cos the camera's hers. Mine's somewhere in my hostel room buried under some stuff and I'm at home anyway, so camera's not with me.

Really happy to be able to meet the girls again. It's so long since I had been so giggly and girly and so at ease, not afraid of people slamming me because of various various reasons. It's nice to be a girl all over again.

This section will be about food.

We went to Delifrance in Taka for lunch. This Delifrance is the revamped Delifrance. They called it Bistro Delifrance, cafe style. And when I say cafe, I mean Cafe Cartel. I was there, stared at menu and was told to write down my orderings on this scrap of paper. My first reaction, "This is so Cartel!".

Fish and Chips ordered by Hamidah.
It looked pretty okay. I didn't get to taste it myself, but Hamidah seemed to be pretty pleased with her meal, so no complains...

Some fish dish ordered by Eunice.
I tried the fish with the sauce, it was pretty rich. Not bad if eaten in small portions but if more of it you can get pretty sick and tired of it easily. The wedges are so so so normal that I don't know if I'm supposed to say I like it or I don't like it.

Some lamb dish ordered by Yingling.
I don't eat mutton, but I did try the mashed potato. It was pretty appetising, the mash potato, with the bacon bits on top. Wait, it isn't bacon bits cos it's halal. hmm... What was it? Anyway, it was pretty nice and squishy for a mashed potato.

Some mushroom and chicken cream pasta ordered by both me and Rozie.
Well, I think I still prefer the chicken cream pasta from Munchie Monkey. The crean of this pasta was so light that I think it could pass of as broth or soup. For a moment I thought I was eating chicken and mushroom noodles. Not a very filling dish too. Can get at Munchie Monkey for half the price, and get double the quantity from Cafe Cartel. But it is still edible.

Sandwich from Delifrance ordered by Zihui.
Did regret a bit about not ordering sandwich. That's the original Delifrance~

Now for the desserts, or stressed...

Crepes with Ice cream.
Looks very yummy. I didn't get to try it, but still it should be okay. I mean yes, the ice cream is not Portofino's but still all other ice cream tastes the same right

Some pastry thingie with ice cream. I had one of those compliments from Yingling and Hamidah who bought them then realised that they couldn't finish them, so Joan got a mouthful of it. Yummy~ At first I thought that it was waffle, and I thought that that waffle was so darn hard so it wasn't as nice as I thought it should be, but it isn't waffle, contary to my ignorance, so knowing that it isn't waffles, I felt more open about enjoying this ice cream. Nice~














Those who went included Joan, Eunice, Yingling, Rozie, Zihui, Hamidah, Jasmine who came late. Zihui left early too, Shuhui and Jiadai couldn't make it.

Of those in our clique, one has disappeared. We just never see each other anymore, as in never really sit down and talk, sort of become hi-bye friends, which is very sad. Two are attached, happily attached, I should say. I'm not going to use my maxim on them. I think it's better for them to think that they and their other half are happily together. We've really grown up a lot since our JC days. One of them would agree with me, but she hasn't experienced the worst, so she still has it lucky. Some are still blissfully oblivious, which I think it's really a very good thing.

It's nice to get back together with the girls and act like a girl all over again. It's always comfortable with them. No pretense, no guardedness, no nothing. They are this bunch of very frank people, that I don't need to worry about being overtly OTT or anything, or I can be moody with them, or anything. If they aren't happy with me they would say it out to me, no offense, no nothing. Even after not meeting for so long. No gossips, no nothing. Really cool~ It's hard now to find that many friends you can come bare faced and totally clean with them.

One of them asked about my rough patch, and the enigma behind my MSN nick. I think most of my friends not only them also probe into me my asking about my MSN nick. Yanling and Peiting too, but their story another time, I don't want to mix sad and happy together. To all those who wants to know more about my MSN nick, can read my blog, or my MSN spaces, the link is by the side, help yourselves to it, if you are still kaypoh, approach me. I won't reveal too much. Right now, I don't think any one friend knows the whole story. Maybe Jinwei comes close, and my rough patches know at least their sides of the story, then would be Peiting and Yanling whom I told about the enigma of my MSN nick without details to protect the identities of the innocents, a very heavily censored version. Then here and there some people know some thing, but not more than 10% here and there. I think I'm still very guarded about them, or at least I gave my word not to say.

back to the girls. Nobody really changed that much from what you can see in the pictures. Jasmine's still a babe, I really like taking photos with her cos I know the photos will definitely turn out absolutely fabulous. Zihui's still so cutting, but nothing malicious about her, just frank, direct, and blunt. Yingling, Rozie and Eunice still act as my caretakers, so motherly towards me. Hamidah's just as bright, and her intership sounds just so cool. Joan? She's still that high when she's high, but she's not that high that often already.

I think I shall post this entry up first. more on my cam whoring another day, I think I need to shrink those pictures first, they are so damn huge. And I've maxed out two of my flickr accounts already, so I'll be resizing my cam-whoring pictures then post them up another time via my very last flickr account. Or maybe I should just create another account when time comes.

Well, those who pop by my blog today really have got a nice big eyeful of Joan. Joan's really taking the trouble to make herself look nice in going out. And I realised that I was wearing the same top in both days, and the same hat, but different skirts. haha~ Think I look like I'm gaining weight, but who cares... I'm just more huggable~

I still have more pictures in my handphone bluetoothed over from Jinwei, also must give him credit, his handphone camera's great, but I don't have my cable with me now, maybe I will put them up together with the resized photos of the girls' outing. Maybe... haha~

On a side note, I know you do like my eyes and smile, these photos are posted for you, to see more of my eyes and smile. Both are gleaming so brightly, but none as bright as the pictures taken with you. I do have my happy times too, and not always the unhappy me as seen in my MSN space. I've kepts these pictures in their original sized, if you want you can download them although I think most probably you won't, it's okay...

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