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Amazing Race 8

Amazing Race

I think by now most of my friends would know that I am an Amazing Race fan. Unlike other Amazing Race seasons, this season we see a competition between families rather than between pairs. With now four people in a team, it's double the cumbersome, double the strength for challenges and double the fun factor.

Also unlike previous seasons, this season sees only ten teams competing with each other, but that's enough to get me so hooked onto the new Amazing Race. Since the show will only be on tomorrow and two episodes have gone by, as of this entry being written, there are already two teams elimiated from the race. I think there is some protocol within the show about how teams are chosen. There's always at least one black team in the race. I'm not being racist when I say this, but I think that the producers are trying too hard to portray themselves as multi-racial that it seems very artificial. For this season especially, since the Black family was the first to be eliminated.

Over here I shall give a blow by blow account of all ten teams about how I feel towards and about them, now that I've watched two hours of them competing in the race. In alphabetical order...

The Aiellos
This family consists of four men, a patriarch and his three sons-in-law. You can read about them in the above hyperlink, so I'm not going to write about their description. How I feel about this group? First things first, I'm assuming that Aiello is only the family name of Tony, I don't suppose the boys are going to change their family names to Aiello. For a team that consists of men only, I'm supposing that they would be a strong team, but I've got the feeling that old Mr Aiello is going to be the black sheep of the team. He's old, has a beer belly and just don't feel like he is physically up to it. His boys are good looking though, so we'll see how the boys perform.

Another down pit about a team like this is that whatever happens, the boys are in no position to question old Mr Aiello. Whatever they do have repercussions on thier relationships with their wives, the girls of old Mr Aiello. And for a competition like this, there are bound to be disagreements, so it's only up to themselves to sort things out and hope their family remains just as happy as before.

The Blacks
I'm not making fun of their name, but isn't it ironic that a black family is named Black? I'm not laughing, but it sounds spot on. Austin is the youngest player in this race, but that's not the point, what I wanted to say was, all along I thought that he was a she due to his features. lol~

They are also the first team to be eliminated from the race, and as of any other competition, there's always a stigma on the first eliminated team. It's pretty obvious that the Blacks were not as well-travelled as the other teams and that was really not going to work for their cause. Bringing along two young kids were also not helping them either. The kids can't really help out in challenges and might even hinder the progress of the team. Can say that I had expected that they wouldn't be able to go far in the challenge.

The Bransens
A father and his three daughters. Or to put it more explicitly, an old father and his three young pretty daughters. As of the Aiellos, I think this father is going to hinder the progress of the team. Old Mr Bransen has already said that he was not able to keep up with his daughters. I mean, of course, his daughters are so young and bubbly and have so much energy between all of them and their father is old old old. Maybe he thought that being a male he was able to provide some strength into the team, but considering the challenges, I think he a bit the cmi liao le la.

And his daughters are so pretty. I think it would be a bit extra for him to me with his daughters. Like any pretty team, a team of girls would be eye-catching to other teams, especially among the men. With the father around, I don't think men can that easily pick up the girls. hahaha~

The Gaghans
A family. Father, mother, son and daughter. This sounds so picture perfect. And with the kids so young, this eliminates family squabbles between parents and children, and since both parents sound pretty cordial to each other, I don't think there would be occurances of squabbles in this family. And this is a very good thing! It helps too that I think Carissa looks very pretty~ I like girls like that~

The Gaghans is my current favourite team because I think Carissa and Billy are very cute, but I also think that the parents are athletic enough to win the race. In the first episode, they did really well. I remember the cute kids singing "She's Coming Round the Mountain" during the challenge and basically made the other teams so envious that kids weigh practically nothing. It was just a pity they fell a little behind in the second episode. Personally I think they should have asked around earlier, but well... (side note: my current favourite one liner, well got water anot? lol~)

The Godlewskis
A first I thought they looked like a team of four young blonde (read: stupid) sisters, but that was before I knew their ages, and after that I thought what one team said about them sounded pretty apt. One team called them "desperate housewives". They are desperate housewives in pink and are blonde. Okay, they aren't really that bad because they came in first in the first episode and they still look like they are going strong despite their ages.

The sister bond between them seems very strong and I think they can go pretty far although I think the bitchiness among them would hamper them from winning the race eventually. Another thing is their age, I don't think it would work for them. But as long as they are still in the race, that's all matters.

The Linzes
Three brothers and a sister sounds like pretty much male dominance. I always think that a female within a group of males, the female makes a very convenient scapegoat. In challenges if she's not fit enough, the brothers do have a very easy excuse to push the blame on her. And as we know brothers, they can gang up together and ostracise the girls as the guys have always done over the years.

Usually I like guys, but I don't really seem to like this team of guys cos they seem rather whiny, especially in their first challenge when they pulled the trishaw thingie. Usually I like strong women but I can't really seem to like the Linz sister, she seems too full of herself and she doesn't seem to be able to cooperate with her brothers, she like wants to prove to them something. I don't know... Will have to see this team in future to really access them.

The Paolos
This is my current most hated family. Yes, they do provide enough after dinner entertainment vaule with their constant squabbling, but is that what I really want in supporting a team? Of course not. It doesn't help that the mother is whiny and fat and more desperate than a desperate housewife, and the sons don't listen to the mother who's really a nag, and the father does nothing at all! I think that's amazing, he's the master of the family yet he doesn't do anything to alleviate the noise level.

They had came to elimination that close a couple of times already, okay, twice is a couple, and I think they will remain to stick at the bottom of the pack unless the mother drops out of the team. I really think she's damn fat... lol~ Hope they would get out of my sight tomorrow~

The Rogers
I hadn't notice this normal family in the first episode. I only noticed them last week when they made so many glaring mistakes. It's a pity they came in last cos I think they have yet reached their potential, but they did have to pay the price of their mistakes. And Brock is damn shuai. lol~

But at least there wasn't much squabbles between this family even though they were way way behind. Unlike the Paolos. It was the father's mistake tha brought the team to the last position and yet he blamed his son, his son accepted it though grudgingly but no squabbles. And when the father made the second mistake, still no squabbles. And when the mother couldn't do the challenge and had to do another one, the whole family agreed with much temper flaring. I like... Too bad they eliminated liao...

The Schroeders
I don't really know much about this team. Didn't really pay them much notice. I think it's because they are really really normal and they didn't do anything that was of much significance for me to recall.

One thing I do know is that the mother is actually a step mother. It does seem like the step mother gets along pretty well with the children. It's a good thing, I suppose, but whether it's only for the camera or that way I'm not sure la, of course. I'll have to watch out more of them before I write anything more about them.

The Weavers
A widow carrying three kids, a subject of sympathy. But that she is able to pull her family together, I really admire her strength. If this was a voting game I think she would really have garnered a lot of sympathy votes. One of her daughters does the driving, but the family coordinates pretty well. Rolly looks pretty cute too, though I had first thought he was a she too... lol~

They would use the money pretty well, but with a kid in tow, challenges might be slightly hampered. We'll see how things go.

One thing about this special edition of Amazing Race is that it seems to be held in only America. At least, they are still within the US and it's already the second episode and from the highlights, the third episodes is also within the country. I'm not saying it's not good, but there seems to not be much variety. Race is only by foot and by car, like got no other means of transportation, not very fun. I like to see teams take aeroplane~ lol~

Hopefully if it's a race within the country they get to go to say somewhere like Hawaii then can take aeroplane. hehe~

Well, good luck to all the racers... Seeya all on TV soon~

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