Thursday, November 17, 2005


I don't know why I can't fall asleep. I'm tired, but when I lie back on my pillow, I just feel wide awake. Nothing's really bothering me at the moment, so it's pretty weird why I still can't sleep.

Maybe it's because I read too many blogs already. I read through three blogs today. Read as in not check for updates, but read through the whole blog from the first entry to the last. Read through every comment posted by their friends in the comments box. I went through everything. One is a friend of mine. A relatively new friend made, the other is a link the friend gave me on hearing that I went through the whole blog. The third is a link on my friend's blog.

I don't usually stalk people, but I do like reading. Yes, I'm that girl who actually finished reading LKY's both thick memoirs. Those blogs are relatively easy to read, and definitely nowhere as long as my blog, so it wasn't really that bad. Anyway, the blog readings provoked much thought in me, so here I am, sitting, thinking, and typing off in my lappie.

Another thing happened today. For the third day in a row, I chatted with a friend whom I have not met for a very long time. Everything seems so nice and easy, yet so distant. Just a feeling I got.

Another thing that happened was I quarrelled with someone who I always have conflicts with, and we made up later in the night. The making up wasn't a fair making up, but me giving in to every whim and whine of my friend. I'm always on the losing end. But I've accepted it.

I guess I'll be studying, and maybe hopefully catch a couple of winks later. I'll see...

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Hermit said...

siao ar.. 7.30 still havent sleep!