Sunday, November 20, 2005


It's the exams again. Here is Joan with nothing better to do, typing away on her blog. She basically screwed herself up this exams because of mismanagement of time and her stupid sicknesses. Yes, Joan have yet recovered, and she's on the nocturnal animal mode again, which means that she's so totally screwed.

She's only taking three papers this exama and the first papers is on the 24, which gave her the illusion that she had a lot of time, hence she totally squandered away the first couple of days of her so called reading week, or holiday as it seemed to her. But give her credit, she was and is still sick. It sucks to think that she is now into her second week straight of sickness, still doesn't seem that she looks like she's going to get well soon. She needs help man...

Next up, Joan has been hooked on the internet and all the she she can get from online. A couple of webbies she has been browsing through lately...

IMDb, where she goes through lists and lists of movies and movie stars and hang around reading message boards, often stalking rather than actually contributing. She also went on a voting spree and went ahead and voted for all her favourite pictures. She doesn't give a damn voting for lousy films though, but that's cos she doesn't give a damn reading about lousy films. The wonders of this site is that from one page, she can click on links and be directed to more and more pages and she can just go on reading about films for the whole day.

Wikipedia, the really trashy site with whole lot of useless information. Another thing absolutely wonderful is that this site is just like the above site which she can just click one links and go on reading about a hell lot of interesting titbits which are totally usless.

Okay, give it some credit, it answered one of Joan's deepest curiosity. Once when Joan was in the library wasting time, she picked up a book from the reference section titled Who's Who in Nazi Germany, and she spotted a very very familar name Helmuth von Moltke. History students would be very familiar with this name cos Joan knows two Helmuth von Moltkes throughout her study of history. So there she went thinking, does this guy have any relation to the two guys she knows, or is that guy one of the two guys she knows. Hence one very fine day, she decided to Wikipedia it and lo and behold, she arrived at this page, if you click on the above name, you would be at that page, and there she sees, clearly, there are THREE Helmuth von Moltkes. One is known as the elder, one the younger, and the other, not known as anything, but by his name. Okay, things aren't that complicated if you'd kno their second and third names, but who in the world would actually be able to do that? diaoz...

Then also because of TV addiction, Joan also scouted the web for all sorts of TV related websites, which so happened to end up in the category of Reality TV which sounds quite sad, but we must understand that Joan is a big Amazing Race and Survivor fan!

Amazing Race 8 Family Edition
She did a write about about it some time ago in her blog, if you want you can read it here. She now totally hates the Weavers and misses Carissa badly. She heard that the Linz would win, she's fine with that as long as it isn't the Weavers.

And there's also her favourite Survivor 11: Guatamala the Mayan Empire which she's addicted onto. Gary has all along been her favourite and she hopes Gary would win. She thinks Stephenie's a prick this season and would wish her out as soon as possible. She thinks Judd's an ass, but he's basically okay cos he's an ass. She thinks Lydia's totally stupid and useless and hopes she kena booted as soon as possible. She thinks Cindy's chio and kicks ass but she's too under the radar. She thinks Danni's chio and kicks ass too, but she's horribly skinny. She thinks Gary and Danni lost the most weight throughout this whole season. She thinks Rafe's a nice guy but lacks attraction. She thinks that's about all those who's left. If you want, she can also go on about those who've been voted out, like she thinks Jamie's paranoia is causing him to become mental, and Bobby Jon's just damn suay... blah...

The whole point about these reality tv is that that day after watching that Richard Branson's reality tv programme, she found out this ├╝ber cool website. Reality TV World
There are not only message boards which she can sit down there and read and read the whole day, but there's also episode summaries and discussions which she can also read and read the whole day. By the way, from the Richard Branson show, she've learnt quite a bit of things for when she goes out to work.
1. Be nice to everyone, you won't know who they really are, or whether you might one day need their help.
2. Don't say everything out loud, be sure to keep the sucky comments to yourself and not irritate everyone.
3. Substance matters, a lot.
4. When you are at work, work, and not be distraced, always get the work done first.
5. Takes risks, but don't play with your life or anything thing not worth the risk.
6. Be smart, and stay smart, don't be afraid of making smart comments.
7. Don't act nice, it's damn fake.
8. Sex sells, use your charm, if you have it, if you don't, use other people's charm.
9. Make decisions yourself, advices from other people might come with their own agenda, you never know if they truly want to help you.
10. A lot of things also depends on fate, what is yours is yours, what is not yours will never be yours.
TV is good. hehehe~

She also have been reading a lot of blogs and a lot of football news. And she's even trying to read German football news so she's getting pretty up to date in what's going on in the Bundesliga.

With her liking to read that much, she should be reading Lyon's World War II or Nietzsche, ot Plato, or Machiavelli, or any of her readings rather than all those useless sites. hai...

She's also on a nocturnal lifestyle inwhich she only sleeps after the sun has risen and wakes up to a bloody headache sometime in the afternoon. And another problem of being online in those ungodly hours is that she also ends up chatting a lot. With like minded nocturnals. She's wondering if she should name names or give links or should she just let her friends remain anonymous. Blah... The anons should know who they are...

That guy who likes to complain he is poor and hungry.
That guy who likes to suan her about Chelsea.
That guy who always falls sleepy when she messages him. WTF la... She waits online for you the whole day and let you do your work in peace half the night and when she message you can't you just say hi to her meh, need to say you sleepy then say bye. kaoz... she bets if she don't message you you won't feel sleepy right? hmph...
The two guys who accompanies her every afternoon cos they are bored with work.

hmm... How come like all guys one ah? She thinks maybe guys are more boliao ba...

One more thing Joan would like to say before she goes back to wondering if Hitler could have won the Second World War, or how did Stalin manage to fend off Hitler, or the amazing naval battles between the Japanese and the Americans, Joan would like to say thank you to a special someone.

When Joan felt bad, this person was there to be with her, maybe not say cheer her up ba, but was there for her, she finds this very very comforting. This brings her back to think about the good old days, when everything was just still budding. She knows that deep down, under your cold and heartless surface, is a kind and sweet person. Sometimes she really wonders what is it about you that she still calls you friend because of all your callousness, but then you came back and proved to her that you are indeed the sweet person that made her want to know you better. She knows this feeling isn't what you wanted her to feel, but really, she thinks that you should stop hiding under your cover and just be yourself, either way, you can't really hide yourself up that much, so really, why bother?

And she was supposed to be writing about her exams. hai... heck la...

PS: Noticed today this entry is written entirely in third person? Okay, maybe not entirely cos she did address some people, almost entirely in third person with some falling into second person, but totally clear of first person. Maybe this is a mood ba... Joan usually uses third person when she's feeling very miniscule. Think maybe it's the exams ba... hai... And you know who you are...

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