Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Photolog

I was clearing the photos from my handphone, uploading them into my computer, and also going through some old photos. The past seems to be coming back to me all at once... Here's sharing some photos, and my current thoughts about them...

a manicured hand
This was when I first got a manicure done, quite some time ago. After I did my first manicure, I acted more than like a taitai. I was playing mahjong with a couple of friends and I didn't dare to shuffle the tiles cos I was afraid I'd chip my nails. Of course, after a couple more manicures, I don't really care that much about my nails liao.

It's a piece of artwork along the underpass leading towards Esplanade. Apparently a couple of days after this picture was taken, a couple of the pieces were stolen. The artist put up a notice stating that the art pieces were cursed and kindly requested them to be returned so that the curse could be reversed. Interesting...

blood and ball
The gender of mice. IR mice are females cos they menstruate while conventional mice are males cos they have balls. Or as someone put it, ahguas, cos they only have one ball.

cute little baby in ucc
I like cutes babies. I always tell my guy friends that if I wasn't a student, I'd really want to have a baby, right now. Blah... People haven't even have sex before want think baby. Seriously, I have debated about this issue with many people many times, but I still think what I think. If I have sex, that's cos I'm ready to have a baby, married or otherwise. Yea... And I don't believe in condoms. I don't know if this would be my mindset for life, but I can say, at this very moment, or at least for the next couple of years, this is how I think.

Dangles sitting
This was a stuff toy a friend gave me on my birthday. It now lies on my sister's bed. I'm not in contact with that friend anymore. It's quirky how things change. Once friends could be that close, but now, hai... He his handphone and all contacts in it. He messaged me online a couple of times asking for my number. I told him, "well, if it's fated that this is so, then so be it". I didn't give him my number. Why? I don't know...

Compare the fate of Dangles to that of Nicky. I never hugged Dangles to sleep before, yet now every night I have to have Nicky in my arms, even as I'm typing this, Nicky is by my side. I'm never a big fan of stuff toys. Every year, I seal a couple of them in plastic bags and throw them in a drawer with other plastic wrapped bears and whatnots, but Nicky lies with me... Why? I don't know...

jinsen as ahge
Jinsen. I miss the days rehearsing for Oriental Suite. We have another performance up, but I decided against acting, I chose to do light designing instead. Why? I'm too tired. I want to have more time to myself, just as what Nicky's master said. Maybe it's a better thing.

Jinwei in a milo advert
This was taken in 2004 Dec. It's evidence that time is really harsh on some people. Those were the days when he was still very shuai. And those were the days when we didn't know each other that well. Sometimes knowing a person too well is not really a good thing. I think the more he got to know me the more strained our relationship is. Now we aren't even on speaking terms. hai... Another example of saddening change...

A very nicely taken photo of myself. It was a self taken shot, when I was still young and innocent. And this photo attracted a lot of attention for me and changed my life totally. It was the seed of my rough patches. Night has it that my emotions run really wild. Miss all of you guys...

Joan and Laoban cold cold
I like this picture. I miss those days working with Laoban. Another milestone in my self taking photos. One might think that we were in Antartica or something dressed like that...

Joan in pink retro dress 2
This was taken in a dressing room. In the end, I bought that dress, but until now, I yet have the chance to wear it. Another saddening change of times and people and relationship marks this picture. The friend I went with on that shopping trip, we've stopped contacting each other liao. Don't know why also...

Joan n Fann
I met Fann Wong while having dinner at Serangoon Gardens with my sister. We both took a photo with her, she was very nice about it. She's damn skinny. She don't seem that tall, maybe cos she was wearing flats, or maybe cos she was just darn skinny. Filming for Beautiful Illusions. I felt so fat beside her, and I was damn skinny at that time...

kong bak pau and pieces of chicken
I was studying in school, lonely and hungry when my aunt brought me my favourite food. Kong Bak Pau and Roast Chicken which my mum left for me after they had family dinner. Nice~

our family
The Yang Family. For our TS1101E. hai... Not in contact with any of them other than the girls from my clique...

Pizzahut Delivery dinner
This is what I always eat when nobody's at home. I eat this like once fortnightly... Not a very healthy diet, not just in terms of the food but also in terms of the lifestyle. I'm still not a Mac Delivery person, just a Pizzahut one...

rochor original tau huey
My favourite dessert. Once my dad went to buy that for me just cos I got cravings. And after I complained to a couple of guy friends whom al did not bother anything about it. My daddie is my man sia...

sound board
Have I said I missed those times working with Laoban?

studying at starbucks
Studying in Starbucks Siglap. Will be heading there sometime soon again. Exam period again.

Suelynn, Joan n jane
Behind the smiles were tears. A very ugly photo of us, pimple breakout and eye bags, but I still put it up, why? It's a milestone for all of us. This picture was taken during out ahma's wake. hai...

three pretty girls
hai... Don't even get to see much of them even though we are in the same school same faculty. Rozie is even doing the same major as me.

Takeshi Kaneshiro
This was taken in Cineleisure, pasted on their lifts. hehehe... Me like Takeshi~ He's so shuai~

was i here
Was I here?
In relation to the I was here outside the Esplande. Yup... This was together with the Astroboy art pieces.

Tifa n Cloud
He was my SP in Union Camp. Now, don't know where he is liao. Also don't know where are all my Union Camp mates are too anyway... hai... Think I've been hai-ing quite a bit liao le... Must be the night...

wheelock place glass cone
Just thought this look very nice architectually, and as a photo, also very nice...

wo bist du
Wo bist du? I like to ask that question when I don't get to see the said person. but I know, it's at nowhere. Not there. Left me all behind. Staring at the empty seat. Waiting... Waiting... And waiting... Waiting for? Ich weiƟ nicht.

wubai broody
I like men like Wubai. Mature, talented, a bit broody, nice hoarse manly voice. I once had a guy sing an Wubai song to me. In the manly voice... hai... Those were the days... Right now, I can only have CDs to listen to. And it doesn't help that he's married liao le... How I wish it was me whom he married.

zhangting beaming and joan smiling
Zhangting left us liao le. Need I say anything more?

Pedicure, to go with my manicure~

Imagine if your office window is that scene, won't you want to go to work every day? Damn... I'm so jealous of you Terrence! Not only as an intern you get your own office, you get an office bigger than my hostel room, and you get that to die for scene in your office window... Not fair~ That's a scene from The European Commission in Singapore. So nice those angmos...

That's me beaming like an idiot in front of the plate of the EC. hehehe... Just to prove that I was there.

Bizad's Western. wahaha~ Makes me feel so hungry just by looking at it. And comparatively, it's so so so cheap eating in the school canteen.

I was with my sister celebrating her birthday by making the both of us fat. We sat down inside hagen daz. We ordered. I counted my pennies, it was my treat definitely. Then my sister reminded me that I have a $10 voucher. hehehe~

I like Esplanade~ It's always so pretty to take photos of. I like blue. The colour of my club. I like water. The element of me.

Someone in my class carries the same waterbottle as me, just that it is of a different colour. Aren't the bottles just so cute standing side by side? Qoo is cute~ Me is cute~ wahaha~

I realise, over a dozen pictures in my current folder, as in the latest photos, are of my in bruises. Or rather, of my bruises. Think I've like 50 photos of different bruises. bleahz... I feel so tired now... Emotionally drained... Good night~

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