Friday, December 16, 2005


Just when I was recovering from my bruises from a month ago when I fell down in the LT, I got into another accident, rendering my legs back to its bruised state. I've got one large cut down the side of my left thigh and both my knees are scraped again. There are also a whole lot of blueblacks around.

Picture 011
The cut on my thigh.
I hadn't noticed I had this cut when I fell cos it was hidden under my shorts. It was only after a while when the pain of the cut was felt that i pulled up my shorts and saw the bloodied cut. Stained my shorts pretty badly too. But it didn't really hurt that much, or rather the pain of it sank it pretty retardedly.

Picture 012
My right knee.

Picture 010
My left knee.

Both my knees are now like totally cannot make it. I wanted to take those blueblacks too but they didn't show up that clearly on this lousy camera. I have other pictures from the other camera including those picture from this outing but I'll leave them to another time cos I haven't uploaded them yet.

Girls, sorry to ask you to be patient. I've been like totally busy and totally procrastinating on like everything, but I'll get them done sooner or later. *cross fingers*

So how did I get into this accident?
Take a look at this simple graphic here...
The two green poles by the side is the fencing of Bedok Jetty, this picture is the entrance towards there. The grey poles are the stone slabs thingie, don't know what you call it, pillar? I was cycling into the jetty wanting to go through vis the red arrow, but I hadn't manage to turn that acutely and went via the pink arrow hitting the second stone pole.

As you all know, the front part of a bicycle is the front wheel and wheels are made of rubber, so after hitting the pole, I bounced back and flew off the bike and fell flat on the ground over my bike. Luckily I used my hands to support myself from hurting my body, so I wasn't that badly hurt. It was quite surprising that other than the scrapes and bruises, I wasn't really hurt cos that accident was pretty bad. I was going at a rather fast speed when I rammed into that pole, but the fall seemed to me rather slow mo, so maybe that was why I was pretty protected.

Accident prone girl, maybe? hehehe~

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