Thursday, December 15, 2005

Full Circle

I wanted to title this piece as "Closure" but I don't know what am I to write since I have no wish for a closure.

I was talking to a person the other day. He doesn't know anything about me, just by watching my body language, he seemed to be able to read my mind. He knew I was in a problem, and he advised me to find myself a closure. I know, really, I know, a closure is really something that will be very important for me to move on, but somehow, I feel as though I don't wish to move on.

full circle

It seems that I need to go a full circle before I can get the closure I need. Or do I need a closure? I'm still thinking... Where we started will be where we end, if we end. Since the said person wants an end and me don't want to end, where can I draw the circle?

This night, I came home from school at an ungodly hour. Somewhere around, three girls boarded the bus and started talking very loudly, and woke me up. I was a bit pissed off, until I heard snippets of their conversation. The words that struck me:
"VJ soccer team"
"Christopher Kang"
"a very nice guy"

I didn't get a closure. I just set myself down and blocked everything out. I don't know if it was effective anot, since an overheard conversation still made me think so much, but at least I'm not screwed up like then.

has a nice soft feel

According to Wikipedia's entry on roses, yellow rose symbolises dying love, or platonic love. Maybe that's the kind of closure I'd need.

i really can be a photog liao le

Should I let the flower die? Or should I turn it platonic?

Mr Swirl.

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issei said...

Yr "Full Circle" Pic was really pretty! I hope things will be fine for u soon and haf a merry christmas!!!