Wednesday, December 07, 2005

On Another Clothing Trail

This afternoon I went with my sister and my cousin on yet another shopping trip. With the experience two days ago, I continued the fitting of clothes frenzy and tried on a whole lot more clothes. As with the previous experience, I bought one piece out of all the pieces I tried on. I hadn't wanted to buy anything when I went on this trip, but but but...

Unlike town, I realised one thing about fitting rooms in Bugis, they are a lot smaller and darker hence some of the photos didn't turn out very nice. Actually, after reviewing most pictures I realise that the angled shots taken don't really do much justice to me. I've long legs, to make my legs look nicer, it would be better to take photos from down-up, but as me stuck in the cramp little fitting room having to take self-taken shots, I can only take photos top-down, and that I feel, don't really do justice to my legs. wahaha~

A black dress from Elle Active I seen in Bugis Seiyu, $59. I thought the hood looked cute on the dress, reminds me of something Zihui would wear. It also comes in purple and weird red and some other weird colours, black looked the most decent though. But it's also straight cut, so it doesn't really look that flattering on me, cannot show my curves. lol~

A red and white batik designed spaghetti strap sundress from Urban Co, $59. It's the nicest dress I tried on this afternoon. The material is nice and soft to touch and feels very comfortable on me and it makes my boobs look bigger and hides my tummy well and shows off some curves and cleavage. Just too bad I was wearing a tube bra when I tried on that dress.

A red bikini from this bikini shop in Bugis, can't remember the name of the shop, $130. I thought the cutting of the bikini looked pretty interesting, just that as like most bikinis, because me don't have the substance to fit in the bikini, me can't wear it well. And me got tummy. No photoshopping out the tummy. But hey, life is fair, I get my nice legs in exchange for the horrible tummy. Just too bad this picture didn't show my legs cos I was wearing a short short skirt out shopping today. hehehe~

Grey shorts with white details in print from Surf and Ski, $89. It's soft cotton denim like material, a very comfortable wear and looks very nice on me. And I am looking for another pair of shorts having worn the same pair like over and over again. But I didn't like this colour, grey looks a bit deary on me. And the thought that they have the same design in red, my colour, but the red they don't have it in my size. wahaha~ $89... Maybe I wouldn't have bought it either, but it is the greatest temptation of the day.

See the red one, looks so much nicer on me. But this is one size bigger than my size, I can wear it as a hipster, but it's already a hipster so it's super hippie for me and the cutting around the thighs also feels very "open" and "airy". hehehe~ So, I didn't get it in the end. Seriously, I think if they had that in my size I really might have bought it.

A black skirt with white and lilac details from Billabong seen in the same shop as the shorts above, $59. This skirt isn't my size, it's one size larger so it looks super hipster when it is already a hipster. It was actually hanging precaciously on my hips and with a light tug you can get the skirt down.

The same skirt in brown and white and pink details in my size. Looks and feels better than the previous one, but brown... I already have a brown short skirt and I was wearing that that day too, you can se it in the above bikini photo vaguely. So I bought the black one in my size. Yup~ I bought this!!! Okay, not this but the previous one, which brings my tally of new skirts to three. I've now bought and have not worn three new skirts. All three new skirts are still in their packaging and hanging on my room door waiting to be washed and worn.

A black dress with a rose pinned in front by ICE, $109. I didn't really look that nice in the dress, it showed my bulging tummy but Suelynn looked splendid in it. She ended up feeling torn the whole day wanting or not to get that dress.

A black tube dress with crumples over the tummy and a flair skirt, some little shop in the Edge in Bugis, $49. This photo looks horrible cos this shop was little and the fitting room was not only little, it was also dimly lit and hence the photo cannot really show those details of the dress which make the dress look special. And also the dress was pretty loose, these dresses come in freesizing so if it's loose, it's loose.

The same black dress with the same details only in halterneck version, same price. I prefer halternecks cos I have nice boney and square and broad and nice shoulders and collarbone, so halternecks actually brings out the beauty of my shoulders and neck, and it makes my boobs looks bigger and my whole body a bit more shapely. But black? I did a double take and tried on the next piece...

The same dress in red. This this photo shows the details a bit clearer. Imagine these details on the previous two black dresses. Red is more of my colour and it looked pretty nice on me, but but but but but... This time got 5 buts. I was telling my sister, this looks like a dress worn to commit suicide. Looks like a dress worn to jump off a building. Reminds me very vividly of a screenplay I wrote, Scarlet Flight.

I think I'm on a roll lately. But don't think I'll actually dare to go on another shopping trip with those two girls in the very near future. I spent like more than a hundred dollars today, other than skirt I bought sever comic. I bought three Fruitsbasket after not buying it for a very long time, the latest Tsubasa, and Full Metal Alchemist, Chuangyi's English version at $8.50 per piece, I bought three pieces, I'm so broke now. I think Chuangyi is discriminating English readers. This is so unfair! English versions of the same titles are like 20% more expensive.

Me think me go read me comics liao.

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