Monday, December 05, 2005

On the Clothing Trail

This afternoon met up with my sister and my cousin to do some shopping. I got into a clothes fitting mood and tried out a whole lot of clothes, but of all the many pieces I tried out I only got one piece, one skirt only, but it was still a fruitful shopping trip. It's not about the number of pieces of clothes bought but the number of pieces of clothes tried and the satisfaction of creating a memory out of once wearing those clothes.

I took picture of those pieces of clothes in the fitting room. Usually salespeople are quite anal of people taking photos in their stores, but to go around the problem, just take the photos in the fitting room where one is ensure maximum privacy. hahaha~ This might sound a bit cheapskate, but still, quite fun, trying on all the nice nice clothes.

A black dress from Xcessories, $49 only. I would have bought it if not for the fact that it's a bit to piecey. If I bend down, half my breast would show. The person recommended that I wear a tube inside, but the thing is that if I want to wear a dress why in the world would I wear a tube? diaoz...

A white bikini from New Urban Male, $150 for the set, but I only tried the top. Yes, that's my bulging tummy, no photoshopping from me, so don't laugh. It's a very interesting cut, looks very unique, but it's a white non-padded bikini, I don't have the confidence to wear it out, look quite flat in it and can see the nipple mark... hehehe~

A yellow and red skirt from Buttcheeks, $28 only. I would have bought it of not for the next piece of skirt.

A brown and pink skirt from Buttcheeks, $28 only. I bought it!!! When I tried the yellow and red piece I hadn't really thought of buying it cos I thought it cost a lot more. When I realised it was only $28, I bought it without thinking. I tried out the yellow and red one first cos I didn't really like brown, but after trying out the brown I thought the brown didn't look that brown, it looked pretty black, and very much less ugly than I thought. In fact, it looked very nice~ I love it~

White tube dress with details from Chaos, $119. It's asymetrical cut so it looks very beautiful on me. I would have bought it if I had a dinner and needed a dress, but I don't. I cannot think of any occasion for me to wear that dress, and I'm on a more saving mode now, and that I don't really fancy tubes, although that tube is nice, I have this fear for exposing myself when in a tube. lol~

Black retro print slinky dress also from Chaos, $79. Halter neck, I like, but it's knee length and straight lined so it's too long for me and too plain for my liking. It it was shorter, or if it was asymetrical cut, I think I might have bought it straight away, at $79, it was quite worth it.

Black cotton dress with detail prints from Tannlines, $89. Tank top neck with a short mini flair skirt, cute~ Just that I thought the skirt was a little short and when I walk can see my buttcheeks and the band for the skirt is a little too low of me, and a bit too narrow for my wide hips, so not exactly the most confortable piece of dress.

Yup~ Tried on that many clothes today. Even though I can't actually own every one of those, but the thought that I once wore them just feels so nice. Anyway, I actually do own one piece of those. hahaha~ The brown and pink skirt~ Can't wait to wear it... but maybe I should keep it for new year? We'll see how...

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