Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I still can't seem to find myself. I can get high easily, but I can fall as low as easily. I think I fear. The more I write the more I fall into something unknown, the more I go out to have fun the more easily I get as low. I'm thinking to go for a retreat, to someplace without internet connection, without transportation lines, preferably without mobile service connection.

My recent most dreaded word, "Hey". I don't know how to react to it.
My recent most dreaded quote, "carp diem quam minimum credula postero". I want to yet I am unable to react to it.
My only solace? sdb... Thank you very much.






I took this set of photos at one of my lowest points, before I flew, I thought I would come back to a high point, but I could only fall lower. My favourite analogy, from Himalayas to the Marianas.

I off loaded two quotes from my favourite wuxia novel, quotes which never failed to induce tears into my eyes, "见了你惹你伤心,不见你我又伤心,嗨... 你伤心不如我伤心..." and "衣带渐宽终不悔,为伊消得人憔悴...". I'm trying to use these two quotes to make me stronger, to prevent myself from falling low, but somehow, I'm starting to resent myself.

And I'm supposed to be going to KL this 26th. I don't know what to do.

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Mr Swirl
Mr Subaru
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Where should I go from here?



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