Friday, December 23, 2005

Where Has xxoos Been?

Recently quite a couple of barflies have asked me why haven't I been in the bar lately, I guess this calls for me to devote an entire entry about me describing my present situation. I shall do it without the photos, something that seems to be customary in my recent posts. People have been also complaining that my blog is taking ages to load, so I guess I should ease up the photos for a while.

I have been doing a review on my life lately, trying to figure out what is missing in my life, and during this period of time, I tried to keep myself busy, busy by going out with my friends, busy by doing loads of shopping, and busy with my Chinese Drama. This leaves myself little time to hang out in the bar, and less time even to read blogs. I haven't been reading anyblogs lately other than my own one just to make sure that my photos are coming out nicely. I'm also doing much chatting with friends online, and trying to sleep early, sounds like a weird combination, but I'm trying to fit all these in.

I shall start by talking about my Chinese Drama.

We recently held a scriptwriting competition, and last Sunday, we held the prize giving ceremony for that competition. I was sick during the beginning preparations of the ceremony so I skipped trying out for acting and script reading, instead I opted to do lights, also to practice for my role for the February production. Also we had a camp which I only went for half the duration, I skipped camp with a couple of mates to have a little fun, I got a bit tipsy with a fast friend after a night of downing. Back to the scriptwriting ceremony, it was a success, a big success, I'm really happy of what I achieved.

I went for another camp, the *ding-ding* camp. I played bridge, mahjong, the whole night, skipped the day parts of the camp, came back at night for the Christmas party, and had a sharing session which I got to know everyone better, only that I fell asleep halfway throughout, I'm feeling pretty apologetic about that.

I have also been doing a whole lot of shopping, buying clothes and stuff, today I went shopping again and I got myself presents for friends and a pair of heels for myself. Heels by Havianas~ I know I swear by my Birkenstocks but next up against Birks are Havianas so I just couldn't resist them. I've been looking for a good pair of walking heels for the longest time already so I couldn't pass on this chance. I really enjoyed shopping with my sister and my cousin, I think we just complement each other so much that we took to spending enough money to feed an Ethopian town for an entire month. I also found another shopping buddy in a junior from my Chinese Drama. It was great fun taking the streets.

I also went for two high teas. One at Hyatt and another at Park Royal, one with my aunt and sister and cousin, the other with the girls. The food at Hyatt was totally amazing, I couldn't resist the smoked salmon and prawn salad and ate enough to bankrupt Hyatt if I ate that every day, the desserts at Park Royal was totally fabulous, coming from someone who don't have a sweet tooth. And being out with the girls is always so so much fun. We took a whole whole lot of pictures, all of us~

And we also had another outing a couple of days before, we went cycling, I blogged about that too earlier, but I must further comment about it. We now are starting this string of photos taken during outings, we are calling it our signature shot, a picture taken by ourselves with a hand held camera trying to fit all our heads inside. Now our record, 9 heads in one picture, all the girls except for Hamidah who wasn't there and Shuhui's sister, Shuyi who joined us for high tea that day. Looking back at our old photos, we took that in out cycling outing and our Parkway outing quite some time ago.

During this period of time, boh my favourite reality programmes have ended their run, without disappointing results. Danni won Survivor against Stephenie. I was rooting for Gary but Danni's a nice girl too, I don't mind her winning, I was starting to find Rafe a little irritating and was so glad that he was out. The Linzes took home the million dollars in The Amazing Race. Anyone other than the Weavers would be a great win. But the ending of these also means that I've nothing more in the google box to look forward to anymore. Maybe, I shall entertain myself with the Battle of the Network Reality TV Stars... wahaha~ I'm rooting for the team with Jonathan in it. I still love Jonathan and Victoria~

On a side note, I missed going out with certain period these couple of days. I'm still trying to find the end of the circle, I'm still reflecting with myself, so I guess I'll hold out for a couple more days and maybe weeks. Next Monday I'll be leaving for KL, I'm not so sure how things might turn out there, but hopefully I can find the end of my full circle, and return here a happy girl. Still thinking, should I ask permission before hand? hai...

I got my results yesterday. I was expectedly cannot make it. Luckily I still have yet gotten anything lower than a C grade and my CAP is still above 3.0 so I'll still be heading for World Cup 2006 Germany. Wait... I'm supposed to be going to Germany to study not to watch football. lol~ I did unexpectedly well for my Comparative European Nationalisms. An said that she was disappointed with my essay, on top of me submitting it late, I thought that I'd fail that module even thought I knew that I did well for my daily work and I thought I could ace through the exam paper, so I'm pretty happy with myself with that average grade. I also did well for Film and History. I thought that with the bell curve and me doing average for everything I was going to get an average grade, but I actually managed to snag an A-, I wonder how did I get that... My German was a tad lower than I expected, but well, things are getting tougher. Western Political Thought was totally unexpected. I never thought what was I getting cos I didn't collect my essay, I have no idea what grade was my essay and I knew that I was totally awful for my compulsory question, so I didn't dare predict my grade. Total War was totally within my prediction. My essay, my project, my daily work, and my exam all was the same score. Okay, I only know the grades for the first two, but I guess that the latter two should be that grade cos after the exam I walked out telling Yanwei that that B was safely in my bag. hehehe~

This opens up to my next semester... I'll have to do, according to my LPP stipulation, German for Academic Purpose, then that leaves four other modules for me to take. Looking back at my, I'll be doing
- Empires, Colonies and Imperialism
- Cold War in Europe
- Memory, Heritage and History
And I found a more interesting module to do...
- EU and ASEAN
Anybody want to do any module with me? Please somebody say yes~ hehehe...

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