Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Busy Day

At the stroke of midnight I came online and this message window popped up on me. The following conversation ensues...

cindy: the line between stupid and clueless says:
been busy today?
cindy: the line between stupid and clueless says:
nv see u online
cindy: the line between stupid and clueless says:
till now i mean
- xxoos - the next sylvia plath and virginia woolf says:
went watch movie
- xxoos - the next sylvia plath and virginia woolf says:
bought a dress
- xxoos - the next sylvia plath and virginia woolf says:
- xxoos - the next sylvia plath and virginia woolf says:
went lib too
- xxoos - the next sylvia plath and virginia woolf says:
borrowed 3 books~
- xxoos - the next sylvia plath and virginia woolf says:
quite busy ba...
- xxoos - the next sylvia plath and virginia woolf says:
cindy: the line between stupid and clueless says:

Why did I put this log up? Cos why my dear friend first messaged me, I thought I wasn't busy. I woke up at 1030 this morning and went online and stayed online until 430 before going to the library and borrow 3 books by Jasper Fforde. Can't wait to read them... I'll read them in chronological order then do up a book review. Wait for my reviews! Ya, and I met Yang Shibin at the library just now. To all DHS CDS drama people, Yang Shibin sends his regards.

Then I went down Orchard Cineleisure to meet Jasmine for a movie. Merry Christmas. It's a war movie, and totally fantastic. It's quite the kind of feel good show and I think it can be considered as an antidote for that disgusting (not not nice, just overly violent and extreme) film I watched on Monday, Blood and Bones. I'll post up the review for the former later after I finish with this post first. I had wanted to lumo the review all into one blog post but I thought that might not do justice to that film since that film is really one of a war films classic.

Me and Jasmine had one of those standard boohoo moments before we entered the cinema. I think this can be a stereotypical blonde girls joke. We went into the lift with two guys and a girl. The girl pressed 3, the boys pressed 8, Jasmine turned to me, "Would it be 5 or 6 for us?" Joan went, "Erm..." while Jasmine pressed 5, then Joan continued, "I think it's 6!", then Jasmine pressed 6. "Wait a minute..." Joan looked at the level descriptions then said proudly, oblivious to Jasmine's doing, "I think it should be 4!" "Okies, no problem," and Jasmine jabbed at 4. Before we realised it, 4 5 and 6 were litted. Joan went, "Oops...", as the girl in the lift walked out at level 3 and sniggered at us.

Then the two guys in the lift did something to the buttoms and removed the lighted up buttons of 5 and 6. Joan saw that and asked them in a very surprised tone, "How did you do that?!!!" "Because I work here," was the lame reply. Joan and Jasmine hurried out of the lift at level 4. At least the two guys didn't have to endure waiting for the lift doors to open and shut at levels 5 and 6. And as we found out later, our cinema was at level 6 instead. So much for all the lift buttons pressing, I think Joan and Jasmine should stick to talking the escalators. wahaha~

After the movie I browsed through some clothes shop with Jasmine cos she was going to meet her cousin and her boyfriend at Zouk but she wasn't appropriately dressed. She wanted to get something cheap and nice to go clubbing. I browsed through with her, and as you know, I just can't resist a good buy. I spotted this green and orange sundress on a manequin and thought it looked nice, I went into the shop even before Jasmine to look at the dress, and Jasmine was the one who was supposed to be looking out for clothes. I bought that dress in blue and pink, thought it suited me better. For $39 only, I thought it was quite a steal~ hehehe...

And this is not all! I wrote a short poem this afternoon when I felt inspired by some things going on in my life. It's been quite some time since I last wrote in some other forms other than prose, and it's in Chinese somemore, so it's quite a milestone for me to be writing this poem.
我怨不了天 我怨不了你
我怨不了任何人 除了我自己
我怎么对他 你就怎么对我
I'm thinking of adding more verses to this short peom, but see how things ba...

In all, today was quite a productive day. It pains me to think of how I am going to plan my Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Thursday: 1200-1300, meeting my friend in town for lunch
Thursday: 700-1000, pailian in school
Friday: 800-1000, Imperialism lecture in school
Friday: 700-1000, pailian in school
Saturday: 945-1000, combined rehearsal in school

Can someone tell me what can I do in between all those time? Considering that I stay in East Coast. I don't want to spend 3 hours on Thursday on buses, nor do I want to spend 4 hours on buses on Friday, and I definitely don't want to wake up so bloody early on a Saturday. That would make it, including the 2 hours of bus ride on Saturday, altogether 9 hours wasted on headaches. Damnit... I hate it!!! I'm not just only wasting 9 hours, I'm also torturing myself for 9 hours by suffering serious headaches on bumpy bus rides and acute lack of sleep.

And it's not just headaches if it continues to rain. This evening I felt a sharp pain in my joints when it rained and the wind pricked my knees. I think I'm really aging, and suffering from rheumatism. What a scary thought.

I'm going to be 21 soon. My birthday plans are making headway. My birthday wish list is up by the right hand side of my blog. Friends, please don't happen to buy me the same thing, check with me before consulting that list if possible. Thanks~ By the way, my birthday party will be on the exact same day as my birthday, so keep that day free, if not I'll skin you alive. And it's common courtesy that as long as you've received an invitation, even if you don't attend the party, your gift must be presented to me. Yup... hehehe~

hmm... I think that's all I did today. Should I go sleep now or should I start writing my review now? This sounds like the standard Joan question she likes to pose to people and not expect any answer and then decides for herself what she wants to do. I shall go sleep now and wake up tomorrow to write the review before going to meet my friend for lunch. Just hope i don't get caught chatting online tomorrow, if not I don't know if I can ever get that review up anot. wahaha~

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