Friday, January 27, 2006

Magenta Nails

All along I've decided to visit my manicurist on the Thursday before Chinese New Year. I thought that it was a good time to get a manicure and a pedicure done so that I can have beautiful nails for the Chinese New Year, and Thursday was my free day, I can get lots done on the Thursday.

On Wednesday afternoon or was it Thursday morning, I can't remember, I told my mother I was going to get my nails done. And to my greatest horror, I heard from my mother that my sister had gone to get her nails done, and there was a price hike of 20%. At first I thought that 20% for beautiful nails on Chinese New Year was still okay. I mean, the bak kwa too has got price hikes.

So on Thursday afternoon Joan went to the nail bar and to a greater horror than the price hike, she saw a long queue. I went on Thursday naively thinking that being a weekday there would be less people, but sorry hor, that wasn't the case at all. So I asked the manicurist if there was space for me to do. She gave me two slots, one on that day 6.15pm with a price hike of 60% and another on Saturday morning 9.30am with a price hike of 100%.

Thinking that I wasn't able to make it for the 6.15 slot, I picked the 9.30am one. But after walking for a few minutes, I realised that a price hike of 100% and having to wake up at a godforsaken time was absolutely horrendous. So I went back to the nail bar and crossed my fingers and asked if the 6.15 slot was still available. Luckily it was still available.

As I waited for my turn at 6.15pm, I the queue dragged on. There were still a lot of people waiting for the manicurists. I knew I was going to be late for my later appointment. I started regretting.

But I still went ahead and chose a colour for my nails. I wanted something red for my toes but I didn't want bloody reds. I went through the colours and finally picked one that was red with a dark pick tinge. Ladies Magenta it read as it colour. And that would be my colour.

As I was waiting for my turn, I noticed most other women colouring their nails dark red, I felt bright among them, and slightly regretted. Then I realised that unlike them, I've got what it takes to choose an eye-catchy colour, I might feel old, but the numbers on my IC can determine my youth. So that colour stuck.

I did my toes first. Once the colour went on my toes, all feelings of apprehension vanished. The colour was absolutely beautiful my my toes. Then it went on my fingers. Euphroia overtook me. BINGO!!! This is so my colour. Magenta, the colour of my shawl, the colour of a number of my clothes, including the piece I bought that day, and more accurately, it is my colour.


I've always loved the colour magenta, but this is the first time I'm going to acknowledge that as my favourite colour. All along magenta has this romantic image in me. I remember the days from my history lesson. It was said that the town Magenta was so named because of the blood during the war painted the whole area that shade of red. Sadistically, very lovely. It was also said that it was because of that scene after the war that led to Louis Napoleon pulling out of the military agreement he had with Cavour.

With this, I shall add under the favies section magenta as my favourite colour. Actually, this is also my favourite colour in the Blogger default colours. I might use red for my MSN, but when I use Windows Messenger, it's also this colour I pick. And most people dont know that my default colour for my MSN message window, it's this shade of pink/red that I use. hehehe~

I love my nails~~~

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