Saturday, January 28, 2006

Temasek Junior College Revisited

I attempted to organise a girls outing back to TJ on Thursday, pathetically, only 3 folks including me turned up. I decided on going back on a Thursday only because it wasn't possible for us to go back on Friday as there was no school on Friday. The principal made this politically correct move of cancelling all classes on Friday for the students to go back to their secondary schools to visit teachers for Chinese New Year. Smart person.

First things first, pictures. I'm not going to talk too much today. I ate too much curry for lunch that I'm losing my voice, and I'm going for buffet later tonight at the Straits Cafe in Hyatt. I'll so grow fat.

With Mr Thompson
One of the greatest History teachers I had, other than Prof Farrell of course... bleahz...

With Miss Lim
I seem to like her more and more the longer I left TJ. hmm... Pretty weird of me huh? lol~

Walking about TJ, I spotted this very very lame wall paper...
See me with the lame sign?
This is the lamest thing I've seen in TJ, on top of other lame stuff of course. TJ academy??? I go hahahaha~

This is another lame thingie... The TJ look... Like what the heck??? There is a TJ look?
Please click to enlarge. Worthwhile to click and read the stuff and have a good laugh.

But of course, going back to TJ, one cannot help it but to take more pictures with the stuff back there...

Some light named wall sculpture.

The steel sculpture made by this blind guy, supposedly very famous one. Think it's named something wings one...

And of course, this pillar of wall paintings done by the art students of TJ themselves. I like the bright colours and of course we couldn't resist taking lots of pictures there...


On a side note, a dumb teacher I've never seen before stopped me and said to me that my shorts is too short. Like wtf? Who is she to criticise my dressing like that. I think she's just jealous I can wear short shorts out and not flinch at my dressing. bah... Those sports shorts are lagi shorter lor, and even more transparent somemore she don't complain about the PE department.

And to end of this photologue, a nice big big big picture of my face...
I think I'm growing fat and my teeth is growing crooked. What a waste of my diet and my dental expenses... bleahz...

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